How to tell a story on social media gas urban dictionary


The mediums have changed. We would much rather have you send a text or a tweet or a Snap to communicate because we can get to it on our own time. It’s the new model of storytelling and whether we like it or not, it’s not going anywhere. It reminds me of a recent electricity usage by country article that explains this transition. Or the fact that Facebook and WhatsApp process more than 60BN messages a day. Over 3X that of even standard SMS!

If you do it right, your audience will be willing to sit down and pay attention to you for longer than they normally would. Think about it… so many people binge watch Game of Thrones or House of Cards for 15 hours a day on the weekend. People will sit and have a Marvel movie marathon and spend the next 24 hours straight watching Marvel movies.

A few months ago I bought flowers for the entire NYC VaynerMedia office. It wasn’t a holiday and therefore it was entirely unexpected so it evoked a feeling of surprise gas constant in atm and delight. People were pleased and the reaction was a mix of happiness, positivity and a boosted morale. If that day was Valentine’s Day it might have been a little bit more expected and the story would have been more cliche and therefore wouldn’t evoke as much of a response. It’s all about the setup, the punchline and hacking people’s expectations.

In Hollywood, you’re making a two hour movie that’s going to be played on a big screen gas in chest in a theater. And that’s the room of context. In social, you’re making something that is good enough for someone to stop scrolling through their feed and watch on their phone. You have to consider the environment in which your content will be consumed and how should that electricity deregulation impact your creative approach?

If you can create a blockbuster movie and captivate the audience for three hours (or 30 years in the case of Star Wars) then you have absolutely won! It’s one pillar piece of content that has created a brand and incentivized generations who are going to spend $16.00 per ticket for every new movie and buy ancillary t-shirts, mugs and hats because they have bought into the story and associated IP.

The next thing to consider is intent. At VaynerMedia, our motto is “we sell shit” and of course we care about art and creativity but we also have a bottom line objective. Too many people push too far in one or the other direction. They create great art, but they don’t have a lot of respect for gas nozzle stuck in car business or it’s only a right a hook and there’s no thought behind the creative or the brand value.

I am always trying, testing making and doing… I put out enormous amounts of content at scale because I’m playing in a field where I actually can. It’s not any better or worse.. It’s different. With Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and Medium, it doesn’t cost me a lot to put out great content. Some things will work and others won’t. Not every piece of creative needs a business objective. Obviously, if you make “Where’s the Beef” or “Just Do It” or “MasterCard Priceless” It’s game-changing. The problem is, 99% don’t, and they waste real money on things that don’t convert and my big thing is about doing what you can to get to where gas oil ratio chainsaw you want to be.

10 years ago, it wasn’t even an option. Producing the amount of content I do, and distributing it at the same scale would have cost me tens of millions of dollars a year. Now it’s practically free. Of course I have a team to help which involves salary, but the technology, tools, and platforms have democratized the access to create. The internet is the middleman and you now have more opportunity than ever to tell your story in a way that makes sense and can resonate with people around the world gas gas.

At the top sits my pillar content. This my video blog, my QA show AskGaryVee, Keynotes, or original podcasts. From there, I’m able to repurpose content from that “pillar electricity usage calculator south africa.” I can rip the audio from a keynote and turn it into a podcast. I can take a question from AskGaryVee and put it on LinkedIn if it would be valuable to a business audience. I can clip a portion of my video and put it on my Instagram account.

My latest project The Airplane Project, and one of my most powerful to date was recorded on my iPhone during a 9 hour fight with no WiFi where I literally documented myself working through my most important concepts in real time. I cut those videos into 12 rants youtube gas monkey and released it as my version of a mixtape. Even my team wanted to debate me about putting out a more polished product.

And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, there is still a place for blockbuster content and I love a great movie. It’s just one way of telling a story and the only thing I’m preaching is that you just have to be aware of how consumption has changed. People watch movies every day on their phone. It’s called Instagram stories and YouTube!