How to transform your business with design and customer centricity. que gases componen el aire


What we see, in reality, is that the promise made to the client continues to grow, while the way in which the company organizes itself to keep it does not change, or only slightly. By stretching the elastic between the promise and the reality of the organization’s capabilities, it often ends up giving up and the client does of course see it.

Indeed, the design approach starts, by definition, from the customer, but since it affects the way things work, it necessarily has an impact on the organization. e payment electricity bill up It is also its strength and its limit: it makes it possible to transform the organization starting from the customer and precisely because it allows it can frighten companies that are content with a façade promise.

PS : for those who are uncomfortable with the notion of service design or think it doesn’t concern them, I just remind you that today everything is service. gas laws Even when a physical product is sold, it most often carries associated services. I will go even further, the way it is marketed, bought, consumed and the whole customer relationship must be thought of as a service. It is precisely when it is not the case that things start to go wrong and the gap between promise and execution can hurt a brand very badly. electricity in water Further in Detail

Two points are highlighted. electricity kwh cost uk First of all, the internal silos that prevent the company from providing a consistent experience, where the pursuit of its own interest by each silo is to the detriment of the customer. Then comes the difficult balance between the short term (profit) and the long term (experience), knowing that the customer experience is a long-term investment.

While the idea of providing an exceptional customer experience is easy to articulate, it must also be translated into a vision that engages the entire company. And here people often confuse vision and objectives. gas in oil briggs and stratton engine The vision must also be expressed in terms of deadlines to become concrete. In short, you need something realistic, ambitious and that can be visualized and concretized by everyone in their job.

If agility is becoming the norm everywhere, creating and managing a great experience requires the ability to move at two speeds at once. There are indeed some components that can follow the rules of agility, others that require time and that cannot be accelerated. On the other hand – and this is a bit of a vision issue – it is essential to solve a problem: that of different departments or silos that do not have the same idea of the speed at which the customer experience must be implemented.

Too often, companies focus on the functional aspect of things while neglecting the emotional component of the customer experience, especially since, to improve this experience, we tend to automate a large number of things. However, there are ways to “embed” an emotional component in a service, even a digital one, and even to measure and predict the client’s emotional response.

A service must highlight the brand’s DNA, which makes it unique. hp gas online registration In the end, two companies trying to provide an answer to the same problem can come up with two different solutions because they do not have the same DNA, this DNA will express itself differently in the design process and they will try to make the customer experience something different.

Make sure you have the right experts available at the right time, communicate only about the problems your project will solve, create a demonstration space in the company to show the progress, create a brand for your project, bring change and originality to the way people are used to doing things and…pay particular attention to the most senior sponsors and stakeholders.

The most important part for me and it is logical that the authors come to it many times concerns the way in which the project is sold internally and how to create a dynamic around it. This is the only way to achieve a large-scale and sustainable change, to think beyond the project level and to root new ways of thinking and acting. Apart from the technicality of design thinking, it is therefore necessary to know how to be the salesman and the chief marketer of your project.