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If you don’t want to use any VPN service or Proxy service, you will need to do the resetting router step. You can find more information on this at the following paragraph. However this is not going to work on static IPs. Technically you will still change your IP but you will not use an program at all. So you will able to do it without programs. If you want to get unbanned from a website, you will certainly need to change the IP. Otherwise you can’t do it. How to Unban from Omegle with Unplug Your Router

Unplugging router is one of the best way and the fastest way to get rid of this problem. It is also the most known solution for unban from Omegle. However if you are using dedicated IP for your internet connection this won’t help you. If you have two dedicated (or more) IPs, you will need to switch IP for your connection. We recommend you to power off your connection and wait for 5 minutes for this step. While you are waiting, clear cache of your browser. 5 minutes later, retry connect to the website. Use Tor Browser for Remove Ban

Tor Browser is one of the most popular browsers for removing bans and restrictions on many platforms. So we also recommend you to use this browser. However there are many settings of Tor. You will need to allow scripts globally for using the Omegle with Tor browser. Otherwise scripts are not going to work and flash based websites won’t work functionally.

Now you are ready to connect to Omegle with Tor Browser. Tor Browser provides multiple proxies for you from different countries of the world. Some of these IPs can be already get the ban from the website and you won’t able to connect it at times but it is still a good way to unban from Omegle. Then you can do the following to get new identity (IP) for your connection.

Actually it is easy to bypass Omegle Ban. There are several VPN services and extensions for that. Hola better internet extension for Google Chrome is one of these tools. You can click here to get more information on this extension. We recommend you to watch our video first to learn how to use the extension. If it didn’t work for you, you are going to find many similar extensions like that:

You have sent a feedback and you didn’t get any reply nor no one remove your ban from Omegle… So what should you do? Try a Google Extension to get unbanned from the site immediately. Take a look at all VPN extensions for Google Chrome. Try to Connect with Proxy IP

You can still try to connect to site with Proxy IP. You may find many Proxy address from Hide my Ass. Take ports and IP adresses from Proxy list and try to connect to site. If you don’t know how to connect to Omegle with Proxy, we are going to tell you about that sooner.

Well it’s the most easy option for those who doesn’t understand computer stuffs. Just make a search on Google as Kproxy and hidemyass and connect to sites with these proxy services. I don’t guarantee that these services will work for you. You can find here good proxy sites for Omegle ban. VPN Service

It’s the another good service for join to Omegle. Hotspotshield provides a good VPN service. However it’s limited and there are many ads on free version of Hotspot Shield. We recommend you to use Ultrasurf. Ultrasurf completely free and doing same job with Hotspot Shield. I believe it will be better for you to use that Ultrasurf service. DNS Change

I haven’t done anything wrong. Actually today firstly I would connect to the Omegle but I couldn’t. It always tells me I am banned. I was using Puffin browser because of video chat. I have reinstalled the application and try find a few solutions but nothing helped me. You have any idea what is going on with Omegle or Puffin Browser? How to get unbanned on Omegle?

Welcome to How to Chat Online and thanks for the question. This is very nice question related with using Omegle on Android or iOS devices. A few days ago one of our users have asked about VPN bans on Omegle. This issue is very similar with this problem.

However dozens users are also doing the same thing with you. There are really high amount of Puffin users on Omegle chat service. If one of those people violate terms of Omegle, all individuals who connect to Omegle are going to ban from the website at the same time with them.

I will keep this plain. I sit here, with a gas mask on my face to keep my face from being shown. All of sudden.. I get a ban? FOR WHAT? Because I was wearing a gas mask? ”moderation” my … You let more annoying people in there than normal people… Moderation worse than a fat kid trying NOT to eat chocolate cake… Jeez.

I am sad to hear your story and we had to edit some part of it. Unfortunately there can be mistakes like that on Omegle and they have closed the feedback service. I think all you have to do is wait for getting unban from the website. Or you can clean all cookies of your browser and restart the router. If you have dynamic IP connection, the ban will be fixed. If you have static IP, you will need to use a VPN.

I just had my conversation with a boy from America. I told “bye” him and the next moment i got banned. But there are lots of people who shows their special part. First ban them, they should got ban. Not me, bro. Please let me in. Please. I am also having a lots of new stories. I wish I can hear a lot more. So please let me in.

Thank you for the question. Firstly as we have told our disclaimer notice, we are not affiliated with any website, any iOS or Android application. Except our own application on Play Store which is called HCOchat. So we cannot unban from Omegle at all. Omegle is not also going to unban you immediately. Omegle’s developer also accepts that there can be mistakes such this and it seems you have banned accidentally from the website. However unfortunately you cannot contact to the website because of this since they have removed their feedback service at all. By the way no one get bans from the website because of hitting ESC button on keyboard.