How to use peppermint essential oil for hair growth electricity production in chad


The researchers concluded that the results clearly demonstrate that topical application of peppermint oil markedly stimulated hair growth in mice skin and thus could be used as a therapeutic or preventive alternative medicine for hair loss in humans. Peppermint Oil for Hair Loss – Home Treatments

For a daily massage to stimulate new growth, add two drops of peppermint oil to one tablespoon of carrier oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil. Rub it into the scalp and leave for at least 30 minutes (it is a good idea to do a test on a small skin patch to make sure you don’t develop any skin irritation). Make sure the oil mixture doesn’t reach your eyes. Add peppermint oil to your shampoo

For nourishing your hair on a daily basis, add peppermint essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner (you can use mild shampoo or a baby shampoo). Use 4-6 drops of oil for every ounce of shampoo or conditioner. Massage the shampoo/conditioner and leave for a few minutes. Other Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

I am a post menopausal woman suffering from significant hair loss most noticeable since beginning of menopause (about 10 yrs ago). I also have noticed that in the last few years, my hair loss accelerates when a “flareup”of itchiness of the scalp occurs. I have regular medical check-ups and I’m told that my thyroid is not a problem. Just recently, I have had another flare-up of itchiness. The only thing that works for my itchy scalp is a mask of banana, honey a a teaspoon of cinnamon. I also throw a spoonful of olive oil (I tried avocado, but my blender won’t blend the avocado well) and a few drops of rosemary or peppermint essential oil. Once applied, I wait about 3 hours, enjoying the relief and then wash it out. Mind you, it’s very tough to wash it out. Sometimes it takes a few rinses with cool water. But the result is unbelievable! Thanks to whoever posted this banana/honey/avocado recipe on the web (even though I now replace the avocado with a spoon of olive oil). I don’t even remember where I saw it first. You saved my life!!!!

I have started to take iodine every two days and plan to continue the banana/honey mask a couple times of week. I’m also planning to use the peppermint oil more often. It’s funny that I’m losing so much hair on my crown, when my DNA test (that I did for genealogy) says that I’m “less likely to bald”:)

Have you tried castor oil for your eyebrows? It’s absolutely great for hair growth period but so difficult to rinse out of scalp but perfect for eyebrows and your lashes! Plus completely safe as it’s scent is so mild, almost undetectable. What I do and find that it works really well is I buy those little disposable eyelash brushes, and you can use organic castor oil or I hear that the 100% pure and (organic for best results) Black Jamaican castor oil is even better but have a huge bottle of castor oil so until that is gone im not buying it. Lol then I use a warm wash cloth or even like those cotton rounds with warm water apply it on my eyebrows till it starts to cool then I apply the castor oil to a clean moist eyelashes brush and brush my eye brows for a few minutes brushing it back and forth up and down kind of massaging it into my skin then do the same for the other and with a new eyelash or different eyelash brush I use it on my eyelashes before going to sleep as often as possible. It has really helped me,especially my eyelashes bc I made the mistake to get those eyelash extensions for a trip to Cabo a while back and it did some significant damage to my real lashes and I freaked out bc I certainly didn’t want to be one of those people relying on eyelash extension for the rest of my life as it’s too expensive and too much maintenance not to mention the fact that I really didn’t need fake lashes mine are pretty decent in length in thickness especially with Mascara on. But I hope this helps just keep in mind you want to stimulate the area and then you want to have the oil penetrate your skin for its maximum benefit. Oh and I never really washed it off till the next morning when taking regular morning shower that’s if there was even any left, which I never noticed it. As an added bonus castor oil is also great moisturizer, and has anti aging benefits, it helps with fine lines crows feet and other undesirable skin problems we are faced with as we age. So you really can’t go wrong but def do a skin test prior to adding it to your daily regimen and do your own research to make sure it’s a safe option for you personally! Hope this helped! Good luck 😉 I’m confident that you will have great results if you try this simple one ingredient inexpensive all natural home remedy.