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Using an app such as Pass2U, you can just create your own scannable pass for any barcode-based loyalty or gift card. Pass2U gets extremely detailed in their creation, allowing you to add images, change the background color, add logos, and more.

I was a bit shocked that Wallet won’t allow one to do with Pass2U and other apps can. It’s * REALLY, REALLY* silly to have Wallet and then use a separate app for anything that doesn’t have an app of its own. I’m not sure what Apple was thinking (or not) here.

But, re: Pass2U. I looked at that and it wasn’t entirely clear what happens to the data you put in there. It kind of sounded like they sell it or used to send you stuff, etc. Anyone happen to know what their deal is and if they can be generally trusted?

And, like the author, I’ve still got ID cards and such I’d have to carry anyway, along with the card for non-ApplePay places (and some cash, I suppose). So, it’s more lighter wallet, not no wallet. Plus, if you lose your phone or it breaks… that wouldn’t be fun while traveling, either (but better than it happening to a wallet, I guess). •

Apple Pay, or NFC payment in general is getting much better. I know more and more places I go to are accepting it. I’ve been to places where the person had no idea it worked when I’m putting my Apple Watch over the terminal and BAM, the shocked look on the persons face that it actually work as they’re telling me no, I can’t do that.

But where is Home Depot? When Apple Pay first came out, it worked just fine, and then they stopped it. But they did say it was coming back soon and that’s been quite some time now. Wal-Mart is stuck wanting to use it’s dumb QR Codes. No thanks. I think Wal-Mart is going to hold out for quite some time. The other biggie are Gas Stations. I’ve seen some dumb things there like a few cars being able to pay inside their car using their Radio. Unless the gas is going to pump it’s self, I think it’s a little dumb and it doesn’t even seem to be easier. You still have to enter a code on the pump, DUMB!!!

But it is getting better all the time. For example, this small Hot Dog place I go to once in a while, they have a large screen in front of the register where you can pay pretty much anyway you want. I just hold my Apple Watch up to it and BAM. That was yet another place where the owner didn’t know I could pay with my Apple Watch. So small places to chains, more and more supporting it. Some places are going to be better than others. I think Apple Pay works at least 50% of the places I go to.

Why use it? #1 reason for me is Security!!! Having fraud on my card a couple times, 2 years in a row, since using Apple Pay,I’ve had none. Online I try to use PayPal as much as I can if I can’t use Apple Pay, which isn’t to many places Online yet. Don’t link your bank account directly with PayPal, Go though your Credit card. You don’t have the protection in place with direct bank access like you do with Credit Cards. You don’t have as good protection with a Debit Card as a Credit Card also.

But the less you’re handing out your Real Credit card to people, the safer you’re going to be. Apple Pay for example is using a 1 time use Encrypted Token. Even if it was decrypted, it’s not worth anything. With PayPal, again, you’re not giving other businesses your real credit card number.

#3 reason, Not having to pull out my wallet. I just stick my watch right near the terminal and BAM. That simple. Takes a couple seconds at most. You don’t even have to have your iPhone. You setup the watch on it’s own just like your setup your phone. They are independent from each other.

So I try to use Apple Pay everywhere I go. If it doesn’t work, the person there can see I’m trying to use it and just maybe put in a word that maybe they should look into accepting Apple Pay at some point in the future. If it was my business, I’d be all over accepting NFC payments. I would want people to be able to pay just about however way they want. Because you want people’s business. Repeat business!!!! Anything to make it better for people, otherwise they’ll go someplace else or Online!!!!

Driver’s license, registration and insurance cards will probably be the last hurdle. After all, who wants to hand over their phone to a cop when getting a ticket. The solution may be a 2D code (like a QR) that an officer or other ID checker would scan that would give them the info without handing over the phone.

I forgot about insurance cards! I actually use a digital one of those as well. I recently got pulled over (for my registration sticker’s placement) and I showed him my insurance card on my phone, he glanced at it, and moved on. So I didn’t actually have to give him my phone.

Westpac in Australia has an alternative (since they refuse to sign on to Apple Pay). From their app, you can request a "Cardless Cash" withdrawal. This generates a single use code that expires after 3 hours. This code can be entered into a Westpac ATM to withdraw exactly the amount of money you requested. Handy if you’re worried about skimmers in the local ATMs. Or if you want to lend someone money, you can send them the code, and they just go to the ATM and get their money.

Interesting article – potentially useful, BUT: my blasted bank here in back-of-beyond Australia (where?) decided to go with Google (we sell you to the nearest bidder)’s GooglePay instead of (or ahead of) ApplePay. Time to seriously consider changing banks, I think. And letting ‘em know why I’ll be moving… Said bank have no doubt chosen Google on account of all the lovely DATA that they can acquire. Bah humbug.

I’m surprised you haven’t swapped banks already. I moved to ANZ within a week of them announcing ApplePay support. Aside from the other 3 big banks most banks/credit unions in Australia now support ApplePay. Even Bendigo Bank does now and they were strongly opposed to it in the early days.

I’d be surprised too if I didn’t have a deep distrust of banks in general ( vide the current Banking Royal Commission). And my own typical laziness and dislike of major change. As a further piece of procrastination on my part I will contact them and see what their (nabbing) plans are – but I suspect that the reply will be either "we cannot comment" or "we are never going to support Apple Pay". In which case, ANZ, here I come.