How to write the perfect instagram bio for your business (with examples!) electricity bill nye worksheet


HubSpot utilizes their bio to let the audience know exactly what kind of value they can provide. They answer the questions a potential customer might have about their service proactively, and that’s what you shuld do too. So check your Instagram bio now and make sure that you’re answering these questions:

Anyone who clicks through the link in this Instagram Bio will have a general idea of exactly what HubSpot does, which leads to more relevant traffic landing on their homepage. And you can see by their profile picture that HubSpot makes use of Instagram Stories to provide timely updates and additional value. 2. Having Fun With Your Audience

This play off a typical Instagram profile lets Totinos adopt a brand persona that isn’t 100% dedicated to selling their product. They can use each post as a way to talk about their brand from Pete’s perspective. It’s a great way to add some levity to their marketing efforts and make the audience laugh.

This might not work for most companies, but you can still have fun in your Instagram Bio without creating an entirely new persona. You can experiment with your profile picture, write the bio in a different voice, or tie into other marketing campaigns your company is currently running.

Anyone who is aware of the ad campaigns Old Spice has run in the past will see a continuation of specific themes and can easily tie in their other marketing efforts to this profile. Their Old Spice Man ad campaigns were wildly successful in engaging with their customers.

PRO TIP: Try promoting your next sale with more attitude, or use the bio as a place to give the setup for a joke. Your potential customers will then need to click on your link to find out the punchline. That gives them a reason to go to your site where you can provide them with more playful, but valuable, information. 3. Showing Personality With Emojis

A well-placed emoji can also help reinforce specific information you’re trying to show your audience, but it’s important to know that this may not work for every brand. Make sure you’re taking your audience and company brand into account, don’t use emojis if they’re not adding value to your bio.

With millennial women as their main audience, Divinity LA makes handcrafted jewelry that helps support causes near and dear to that market. Their customers are making a choice to support different worldwide charities with the purchase of each bracelet.

PRO TIP: When considering the use of emojis, it’s important to consider the perception of your brand. If your audience doesn’t use emojis in their daily conversations — as Divinity LA’s does — then it won’t make sense to use them in your Instagram Bio. 4. Showcasing New Promotional Offers

By linking to their web player instead of a landing page or home page, Spotify is getting their audience started with using their service immediately. This kind of low barrier to entry helps show people who are unfamiliar with Spotify’s interface how easy to use it can be.

The shortlink they include is also connected to a larger ad campaign they are running to honor David Bowie. Spotify has taken over an NYC subway station with artwork inspired by David Bowie and is showcasing fun facts about his music with a series of posts.

Pro TIP: Try updating your Instagram Bio with an upcoming sale announcement or live event. Timely offers can help keep your bio fresh. This is also a great place for seasonal offers; if you have a spring sale or holiday promotion, you can let your audience know in your bio. 5. Incorporating The Right Hashtags

Using hashtags can build community and leverage user-generated content. UGC helps your brand connect with your audience and gives them a way to participate in the conversation you’re having. It’s also a great way to track engagement with your posts.

HelloFresh tells their audience exactly what kind of service they provide, and include a custom hashtag for follower pictures. They also let potential customers know that they’ll receive $30 off their first delivery with HelloFresh through that link.

To save space, Dollar Shave Club uses a shortened link. This is a great way to track where customer traffic is coming from and what offer they signed up to receive. Dollar Shave Club uses their own branded link, but you can also use a link shortener like Bitly to accomplish this.

Dollar Shave Club lets their customers know they can join the club today through that specific offer. Using action words like “today” or “join now” are good ways to spur your customers into action. That kind of CTA is going to convert higher than one that just says “sign up.”

PRO TIP: Your Instagram Bio is the only part of your profile where you can post a clickable link, so having a strong CTA is very important. Anyone who clicks on that link needs to be directed to a page that helps them convert. 7. Providing Important Company Information

Moving from an online-only business to a physical store is a huge step; you can help announce this in your Instagram Bio. You can also use location-specific hashtags to let local followers know that you’re coming to their area and they can help amplify that update by sharing it with their audiences.

PRO TIP: Using the bio to let your audience know where they can find your products helps cast a wider net for potential new customers. This is a great idea for brick-and-mortar companies that are expanding into e-commerce, or online stores that have recently opened a physical location. 8. Including Social Proof

He goes on to talk about his podcast, which has over 200 million downloads. By including this information, Tim Ferriss is not only showing his audience that he has the authority to speak about particular topics, he’s also promoting his products. This gives people a reason to click on his podcast link, as they already know how much value he has provided in the past.

The perfect bio for you might be funny, it could be serious, include social proof, or help build community. See what your audience wants and find out what works best for your company. When you optimize your Instagram Bio, it can help drive relevant and interested traffic back to your website.