How to write your first blog post (57 best ideas and 65 expert tips) j gastroenterol


If becoming an authority is important to you and one of your goals is to be seen as an expert in your niche, plus you want to get qualified search traffic to your website (and these are the type of clients I prefer to work with), then I recommend to be strategic about it from day 1. That means I would adopt the mindset of creating a piece of content that will help you to immediately stand out in your niche plus has a chance to get found on Google.

That is, find a topic that’s relevant to your niche – perhaps even work backwards from what it is you sell/offer, or work out what it is you want to be known for – and analyse and assess if the content has performed well. I want to ensure that there is demand for the topic first. Then identify any gaps for improvement. Now if I believe that the content is already amazing around a particular topic/keyword and that it would be difficult to outdo, I won’t pursue it and will move on to something else.

Right now I’m working with a client that is about to launch her website as a graphic designer whose target audience is life coaches. static electricity how it works I’m helping her create an epic post, which will be her first ever post, around a very specific topic and keyword that is directly relevant to what she does. The keyword has good search demand and luckily the competition is not too strong either. But more importantly, and as I mentioned, it’s relevant to her business. We’ve scoured the web for similar content and worked out how we can create something much, much better and what type of post it should be. electricity sources uk It’s important to add new value because nobody wants to read a piece of regurgitated content. electricity resistance questions While some content on this topic is OK, it’s not fantastic and we’re confident that we can create something that will blow everything else out of the water and at the same time, capture qualified leads into her funnel.

– Don’t overthink it. When you’re just starting your blog, it can feel like your first post has to be some incredible Pulitzer-worthy work. But the truth is, not many people will be reading your first post. If you spend too much time worrying about it, you may never actually get started! Sit down, hammer it out, and hit ‘publish.’ You can always go back and revise later!

– Spend 15 minutes doing a “brain dump” of every topic under the sun you might want to cover in a blog post. Write down everything, even if it seems dumb or like it might not be a good fit. Your goal should be to get as many ideas as possible on paper. electricity for beginners When the allotted time is up, go through and select 5 to 10 of your favorite topics–the ones that are obvious winners and a great fit for your new blog. There you have the topics for your first 5 to 10 posts.

– Tell people about your new blog before you even publish your first post. Post about it on your personal Facebook account. Send out a few Tweets. Email a handful of influencers you admire to let them know what you’re up to, and ask if they’d be kind enough to take a look at your first post when it comes out. electricity prices over time This way, there’s already a small level of awareness when you do launch your blog. People will say “oh yeah, I remember hearing about that.” and be more likely to click over to check it out.

1. gas in dogs symptoms First, an important tip is that a blogger should accomplish the research part before getting into writing stuff. Your blog should be an authentic source of knowledge, so it’s your responsibility that you will always share well-researched data. Don’t ever write a single word if you aren’t sure about that. If you happen to share the unauthenticated data, then readers will laugh at your post. gas zauberberg 1 You will put a bad impression in front of your audience, and they will never come back to your blog.

2. Don’t give a shit to SEO. You can’t expect your first blog post will be fully seo optimised. Few newbie bloggers try to do so, but end up with over optimising the content. So, don’t care much about the SEO. You will learn it through a process. Just keep user’s perspective in your mind. Think- how could you deliver the best content? Write in a conversational way. You should seem like a story. gas oil ratio formula People can easily relate to a story. If readers love your writing style and content, they will come again n again to consume the information.