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Talking about my preparation , from the beginning I always liked to study math and because of this kind of behaviour my chemistry backlog was created and I never bothered to complete it. Physics was prepared at a decent level , to give you a brief idea my total in JEE Main was 157 and I had 103 in Math alone and 60 in Physics (yeah I had negative in Chem :3 please don’t judge me )

I had read everywhere that BITSAT is a high scoring exam and having a pathetic chemistry was not taking me anywhere , so after Mains I had started studying Chemistry with full dedication and read the NCERTs almost 2 times and just revised the rest and solved few papers . . .

As Math was my lifesaver I managed 43 out of 45 ^_^ and the 2 questions which I left were some shitty trigonometric equations which required some useless formula and I had never solved Math by formula method , I always believed in derivation (although it was time consuming )

Dhruv Agarwal : I would suggest you to stop worrying about Math , the Math in all the mock tests are above the BITSAT level so its alright if you are taking 1hour 20mins , but don’t keep trying the same question multiple times if you are stuck at it , just let it go and return to that question only after you finished rest of the paper. Also talking about inorganic , I was really good at chemical bonding – you can find multiple tricks on youtube which would surely help you in an exam like BITSAT. About P-block S-block and all that I am not the person who could guide you on that !

Anirudh Gupta : Your mock scores are really good ( I never reached 320+) , I think you should review your previous mock papers and find out the topics in which you are facing difficulty , focus only on those topics , I think you should do 1 mock test daily after advanced and keep a track whether you are improving on those topics or not.

Divyanshu Verma : Calm down bro , everyone has different kind of expectations . For someone 330 might be a great score , but for someone like me who had always dreamt for an IIT , nothing else could make me feel better. I did not appear for JEE advanced this year because I was pretty sure to screw up chemistry section cutoff and after attempting the paper at home I am getting 6 marks in chemistry (both papers included – thanks to those hybridisation and partial pressure questions) , no doubt 330+ is kinda decent total but I am not going to settle for anything less than IIT next year. Also stop thinking about ending life and all because trust me it ain’t worth it !

After JEE main I had totally shifted my focus from advanced to bitsat as I knew even if I clear advanced, it would be extremely tough to get a rank under 3–4k. I was constantly scoring 220–250 in arihant and time mock tests and 260–300/375 in think merit and my friends told me they used to get 200 in arihant mocks and got 300+ in real test, even on quora I read answers from those who used to score 200–220 in mocks and scored 350+. So my confidence was on peak this morning and thought that Ill easily get into BITS, but the result was totally opposite.

Maths- It was straight forward almost all questions were simple. Around 35 were direct 5 slighty lengthy, rest were tricky. I think 2 math questions were wrong, one was simple integration with no answer matching and one was related to circles which were some distance apart but distance between centers was less than sum of radii. I attempted 43

Physics- It had few counfusing questions and 1–2 were very strange, like one was something regarding universe and celestial bodies, I ignored that chapter from arihant and now I regret. Others required you to think differently. Basic concepts should be very strong to score here. Surprisingly there were no question direct from optics and semiconductor, 1 required general knowledge of optics but was very confusing and I couldn’t solve it, it was more like the jee advanced multi correct question. I attempted 35

Chemistry- This was the toughest section with around 10–15 very strange questions. Though I did ncert thoroughly and was confident of scoring good in atleast chem but it went horrible. Questions were little twisted, required strong grip on fundamentals. I was expecting some organic reactions and physical problems but almost 70–80% was inorganic, and I have no idea where they pick questions from, most were very unexpected. Only 2 questions required some calculation. 2 organic questions were tricky. I attempted 29 here and think if I hadn’t done inorganic from ncert thoroughly I won’t even be able to do even 10 of these.

English- This was also one of the toughest along chemistry. I don’t think my english is that bad as I was able to attempt atleast 14/15 correctly in mock tests. I attempted only 11/15 questions. 3 questions were synonym-antonym. I had never heard any of those words earlier. 2 were jumbled sentences, one of which I felt had 2 correct answers depending on the punctuation and situation. I was also not sure of another 2 questions, one was suggesting best phrase to replace and other one was like choosing the best suitable inference.

Overall I felt most of the paper was very straight forward but tricky. Questions were very smartly framed specially in chemistry and physics that it seemed you’re doing it right but actually it’s wrong. I had attempted 85 questions with 90 minutes remaining but could solve only 43 more by the end. From my side I didn’t take many risks and didn’t even guess to get those 12 bonus still my accuracy was the worst. Attempted 128–95 correct, 33 wrong. It is rightly said that BITSAT is all about speed and accuracy. As both are equally important. I couldn’t balance the two which I think led to the downfall.

Difference between TIME mock tests and real bitsat – Real paper was totally different, TIME questions were more or less jee main level while here general fundamentals and grip on concepts were asked. Numericals are less important in bitsat, but theory should be on tips. No need to worry about maths, it’s a dead section, max level would be easy jee main type. There was no long comprehension passage unlike TIME and chemistry is much harder. Even length was less than TIME. Tbh I really think one can score 300+ if he’s getting 220+, I’m still trying to figure out what went wrong though.

They were mostly like the sample paper provided on bitsat site. But mind you, I scored 68/75 in that. It is much easy to score 90% in a paper than 60% with similar difficulty with 6 times the size. Because of so many questions maintaining accuracy and speed for 3 hours is way more difficult and tiring plus some strange, tricky chapters can ruin the flow.