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I actually am quite unhappy with what I have got. I got 72 in English which was quite astonishing partly because I thought English exam was one of the best exams I gave. As you can guess English being the compulsory subject in best of 4, my percentage dropped drastically instead of getting one points in subjects. What was actually surprising was that I was not the only victim, all my friends had got comparatively a lot lesser marks than what they expected. It was the same for science as for commerce. Those who scored 93% or 94% landed up in 80s this year. I have seen people posting that the results were better than expected, maybe ISC brings surprises for us all and not every surprise is a positive one. Knowing the facts that our exams were preponed by almost a month, we were the first batch with no moderation policy and no options in our maths paper, I really expected the corrections to be done lenietly. I have submitted two of my papers for submission, english and accounts. I would like to congratulate everyone who got better grades but to be honest “ Hardwork never always pays off”. I got one of my biggest shocks of my life never thought would get such marks in english. Though everybody says marks won’t change because it’s a matter of reputation for CISCE, but I would really love it if anyone could throw some light on the recheck procedure .. I have tied all the last strings of hope on it. Really depressing day for me.

Almost everyone is dissatisfied with their results. Well, I’m not dissatisfied but it sure was unfair. I got 80% in ICSE in 2016 and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything above 85 today. Turns out I got 91%. Funny thing is, though, that I didn’t put in half as much hardwork as others did. For starters, after attempting 45 marks in maths (out of which not everything was completely correct) I ended up getting 60 in it. I was expecting 65/100 in accounts (maths and accounts were my weak subjects) and got 76. Almost all my marks are 5–10 marks above expectation. And my expectations are almost always accurate. Anyway, I’m pleased with my result although I know it’s due to sheer luck. It feels horrible seeing my classmates (who worked much harder) scoring nowhere as good as me. The more I grow up, the more I lose faith in our education system. I’d prefer everyone getting fair marks than only a select few scoring good based on the mood of the teachers correcting the papers. If any of you with below average marks is reading this, I want yoi to know that it’s okay. Everything will work out in the end and these marks won’t define anything in our lives in a few years. Don’t let this get to you guys.

So, I started working hard and hard and worked even for 17 hours in a day in a single sitting.I so wished that our exams start in March.But voila, On Jan 11, if I recall correctly, ISC released a letter and exams were from Feb 20 with minimum days of gap in between exams.

Most of my syllabus was left.On Jan 18th, Completed with Physics.Worked like for 17 hours a day(had to do my practical and other stuff too).Maths was also completed in some way and then I could never complete Chemistry.I tried to focus hard on Chemistry but couldn’t. I had toiled so hard that I could name any reaction with proper temp. and catalyst in seconds.But I didn’t even touch few chapters and that was my biggest mistake.I really worked hard on other chapters and subjects and finally came the D-DAY.

A big part of the credit goes to my parents, sister and Shobhit Gupta.He acts as an inspiration for everyone around him.Just a cool guy who watches enough IPL to tell you the oral scorecard and then tops SRMJEE with AIR 79 JEE-M with 3000 rank and ISC with 97%.