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There are multiple reasons presidents do this. electricity song 2015 First, to show they pay their fair share like every other taxpayer in America. Other reasons include demonstrating they have not been involved in nefarious enterprises, as well as creating an atmosphere of transparency, disclosure of investments, etc. These serve to circumvent a reasonable person asking: What are they hiding?

When you hear Donald Trump scream, rant and rave about zero Russian involvement his campaign, it should give you pause. Trump’s Miss Universe Pageant was held in Moscow, and this points to Russian business involvement. gas vs electric oven review There are plenty more connections. We can anticipate hearing about these as Mueller wraps up his inestigation. Looking at what we have learned from the special counsel and what we know about the players involved, there is plenty of Russian involvement. A Trump Russia Cast of characters

We know President Obama sanctioned Russia for interfering with the 2016 election before he left office. Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak called Flynn complaining about the sanctions. We know this because US intelligence agencies were spying on the Ambassador. It was this intelligence that led lawmakers to inquire about Flynn and his background. gas x reviews ratings This was during the transition period from the Obama administration to Trump’s.

Pecker and Cohen used an elaborate scheme to buy the rights to the stories of the women involved in the scandals. Known as catch-and-kill, these women waited for a story to be published that never came. Not until after the election was over and done did this information become public. electricity 2015 This brought Pecker’s involvement to the attention of the Special Counsel. Pecker was granted immunity to tell his own story. Allen Weisselberg

Since the Trump organization is based in the State of New York, Weisselberg plays a dual role. grade 9 static electricity quiz Special Counsel offered him immunity for his testimony before a grand jury and cooperation with all investigations. Federally, Donald Trump has the authority to pardon anyone he wants for federal crimes. The State of New York does not fall into this category.

As a condition of his immunity deal, Weisselberg must cooperate with all investigations. As the CFO, he was responsible for all financial dealings, up to and including taxes. This is what got Al Capone behind bars. The Attorney General for the State of New York is investigating possible crimes committed and omitted by the Trump organization.

The first rule of law for an investigator when questioning a witness or suspect is to already know the answer before you ask it. electricity distribution companies Questioning Weisselberg regarding Trump’s taxes would mean Mueller has had Trump’s tax returns for some time. He knows about the money flowing in from Russia. Mueller needs Weisselberg to validate it on the stand.

Trump will employ the defense that a sitting President cannot be indicted by law. kushal gas agencies belgaum This is a policy if the Department of Justice, it is not established law. Some will say that impeachment is the answer. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) and the Republican controlled senate will not vote to confirm any impeachment submitted by the Democrat controlled House of Representatives. McConnell will not bring it to the floor for a vote.

To quote a line from one of my favorite movies, “Have you ever had a pissed off Marine on your hands?” Rules of Engagement. Robert Mueller is that Marine. As a combat veteran and Director of the FBI, his love of country and the Rule of law is secondary to none. His record proves that, and I will honor and respect the service he has given our country.