How wealthy would a surviving byzantine empire be alternate history discussion electricity vocabulary words


gdp per capita 11th century was close 3 main gas laws to 1300 international 1992 dollars according to brankovic with conservative estimates at 700-800 1992 dollars . Literacy was 30% and had a population of I believe 12 million or more or less not sure, given that trajectory and with no disaster at Manzikert and an intact Byzantium that repulses the Turks and retakes Levant and Egypt would be quite the powerhouse. By the way its gdp per capita o gastro and literacy rates were not surpassed till the 18th century by Britain and even later by other major European powers. Byzantium based on all current research was electricity trading strategies at its core a state based on commerce and trade and manufacturing. if it retains its dominence in these three fields by the 18th-19th century ad survives till then it is bound to be a powerhouse at the veyr least a number 3 or number 4 power of europe and can industrialize given the right conditions with a very powerful economy. Essentially 11th century Byzantium was in such a good position that had it survived till the 18th-19th century and grew at the same rate as it was gas finder near me growing during that period than it could industrialize quite gas laws worksheet chapter 5 answers quickly since all the preconditions for industrialization at least most of them as understood by the mainstream economic historians consensus would be in place.

As for Egypt why not. By 1050s Most of the Levant had been recaptured. The Fatimids were utterly weakened by this point while Byzantium was at the height of its epogee military gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator and economically. The Arabic states in Damaascus and Edessa were already beatean and in the process of being taken over. Hell everything was goign right for the byzzies but then the Turks came in and everything goes to shit. Romanos was a decent emperor by the way he just got super unlucky.

As for Abbasids…. eh given the state of their empire at the time they wont really interfere in levant. With Turks gas and sand repulsed I see the Byzzies retaking Levant by the 1080s and by the 1100s push into Egypt after handily beating the Fatimid armies. As for native egypt 4 gas planets populace… might revolt or might not depnds really on how badly or how well they are treated by Byantium.I agree though that gasco abu dhabi direct annexation of Egypt probably doesnt occur but a client state or some sort of vassal state is probably set up.4

Man otto economy was not similair to byzantine. Like I stated Byz at its height post arab revolutionns relied on commerce and trade and manufacturing. Byzanitum fell behind gas prices going up 2016 the west because of internal civil wars, losses of heartland to Turks and constant warring with Normans. Thigns went to shit the moment the Komnenoi took charge. Prevent manzikert and you prevent the feudalization of the Byzantine state and can probably see the small soldier farmers retaining their landholdings gas x reviews ratings and the theme system probably survivng. With a surviving theme system and small scle farmers rather than large scale magnates I think an agricultural revolution can occur. As for new world impact on trade not much. Remember commodity prices like to converge as they did otl so that by the 1600s neither the africa route or the traiditonal silk road route dominated because prices of commodities being sold and transported electricity usage in the us through both were equal. Can show you figures if you want of factor price and commodity convergence.