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The carriers repeatedly discussed a merger in recent years as a way to ease costs and compete with larger companies in a mature wireless market. Combining the two together could see the companies take a big leap towards the push for 5G. The all-stock deal is valued at around $26 billion, but it would have been substantially more if Sprint’s parent company Softbank hadn’t been so indecisive last time.

The deal still awaits regulatory approval and raises plenty of questions if you pay Sprint or T-Mobile for your service. In addition to the thwarted attempt three years ago, the two companies were poised to combine in October, but the deal was called off after what analysts said was a disagreement over control of the combined company. This could go very well if millimeter wave proves problematic, or very badly if handset manufacturers don’t want to waste 5G engineering resources catering to T-Mobile’s particular needs.

The announcement on Sunday marks the culmination of four years of on-again, off-again discussions between T-Mobile and Sprint – and was the third time the two rivals had tried to merge. We expect to create thousands of jobs – well beyond what the two companies could do by themselves – by bringing T-Mobile’s world-class customer care to Sprint customers, by hiring employees to merge networks and build out our 5G network and systems and by investing in new businesses.

Consolidating the domestic wireless market from four major carriers to three, meanwhile, is certain to prompt a thorough examination by the U.S. Department of Justice, and observers were not exactly optimistic that the merger would survive an antitrust review. T-Mobile’s stock has risen 8% over the same period.

But let me say this… it is YOUR hard work and efforts over the past 5 years that has put our company in the position to make this deal happen – so THANK YOU! If a particular new service depends on 5G, such as connected autonomous cars, it won’t be available to a carrier’s customers in a given market until a carrier specifically built 5G towers there… which could be a problem for something as mobile as a auto.

"One may ask how the current USA administration, which places much emphasis on ‘putting America first, ‘ will view the creation of a major foreign-controlled operator that aims to deliver significant synergies to its German and Japanese majority shareholders – no matter how these synergies are pitched", Jefferies analyst Ulrich Rathe said in a report to clients.

The software giant reported $0.95 earnings per share for the quarter, topping the Zacks’ consensus estimate of $0.85 by $0.10. The company has a market cap of $737,794.19, a price-to-earnings ratio of 28.95, a P/E/G ratio of 2.19 and a beta of 1.06.

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It was the second time in a week that Trump weighed in on the bid, suggesting a quid pro quo for the support of other countries. FIFA’s congress is scheduled to hold a vote to decide the 2026 tournament hosts when it meets in Moscow on June 13.

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The report follows news from Bloomberg that demand for the iPhone X was fading , based on reports from Apple’s device assemblers. The most obvious speculation is the iPhone X Plus, which could be the larger counterpart of the iPhone X released in 2017.