How would you have handled versailles page 3 alternate history discussion electricity 101 powerpoint


It has been shell gas credit card 5 proven times and times over that Germany was able to pay the war reparations, which amounted GDP wise to what France had to give Germany after the Franco-Prussian war. To claim that Germany can’t pay is not supported by the facts on the ground, such the good health of the German economy during the twenties and increasing industrial production.

Short of maintaining the electricity outage sacramento Austro-Hugarian Empire in a reformed federal Danubian Union, the only thing one could have done to solve the lingering issues there would have been to create a proto-EEC in Central Europe to somewhat mitigate the economic problems of the new states. Poland and Czechoslovakia must be persuaded gsa 2016 to solve their issues of Cieszyn in a peaceful and productive manner. Some form of free trade and customers union agreement would help a lot in that respect, since it woukld greatly mitigate the issues surrounding newly created borders between lands once part of the same polity for centuries.

With regards to Hungary, it is my feeling that borders should somewhat better reflect the ethnic balance on the ground, the difference would not amount to much, mainly bits and bots of Slovakia and Transylvania gas ninjas remaining in Hungary but would help soothing resentments and hatreds to a degree. Romanian claims were grandiose and while legitimate to a significant degree in Bessarabia and Transylvania, they led to the downfall of Greater Romania during the subsequent war. The rights of the Hungarian minority should be guaranteed by the treaty gas density and enforced by the Western powers should the need be, likewise for the rights of Romanian minorities living in Hungary. Irrendentists attitudes, must be replaced by proactive pro-cooperation mindset.

Austria should be prohibited from uniting with Germany gasbuddy as per OTL, perhaps be allowed to gain parts of southern Germany if the populations desires so. It should be course be part of the central European proto-EEC and try annd be persuaded to take a leading role into it, possibly as a mediator of disputes. This way Vienna remains a great city in the centre of Europe and while Austria loses her Empire, shes does not lose her role.

With regards to Germany, the war guilt cause should be enacted as it was indeed guilty of preparing a war sooner or later. The military should be limited to 300 000 men alongside a small navy and air force. In terms of territorial losses, Poland should gain bigger chunks hair electricity song of Pommerania and Silesia. Eastern Prussia should be set up as an independent state astrid y gaston lima menu prices, with loose links to Poland and the remainder of the Baltic states. France should gain Sarrelouis and Landau.

Another thing to remember, is that for the Treaty to hold, it does not need the approval, or even acceptance of all germans – just the majority of them Seeing that after the 1933 german elections it was very close to forming a Great Coalition against the communists and nazis, this Versailles only has to be so much better as to prevent those m power electricity few percent from voting on the NSDAP or KPD.

The problem with post-WWI Germany, as mentioned before, is that despite being defeated it was still the greatest power in Europe (except the UK) and that it would rise against – there’s no way that the Entante can occupy all of Germany, and spliting it up is also next to impossible (as the failure of the Rheinland Republic has electricity review worksheet answers proven). Even if somehow Bavaria or Baden were occupied and forced into independence, North Germany by itself would be a significant threat to peace in Europe.

In essence, I’d scrap the national self-determination concept, since it’s impossible to truly implement – for political reasons in the West (Alzac-Lotharingen) and ethnic in the east (too mixed up). It would t gasthuys seem more justified to declare a return to historic borders and strip Germany of ill-gotten gains – A-L, Posen, Pomeralia while allowing it to keep those which it historically held 1 unit electricity price india (Memelland, Eulpen-Melmedy, Austria). Forcing financial contribution to the victors seems preferable to annexing large areas of german inhabited lands.

Belgian needs something in compensation for all their stuff being wrecked, a few villages seems fair to let them gain their original greater Belgium. Italy has done nothing over German colonies, and did in fact gain land from France and Britain for some reason. Slovenians, Croatians, and Bosnians had willingingly joined with the Serbs, who had wanted a Greater Serbia instead. Thrace was not completely Greek populated, and the Young Turks overturned it anyways. Romania electricity in human body wiki already gained Bessarabia from it’s peace treaty with the Central Powers after being gas stoichiometry problems completly overrun. What is this about Czeckoslovia? The Germans there not good enough to stay with Austria, unlike the partially Italian South Tyrol? The Germans are not going to be keeping a coastline from Poland, they used it in the past to economically starve them in peacetime. Not all of S-H is Danish. Poland won’t listen to the thing about Vilnius, instead using their own army to drive away the Reds, and Lithuania will want Memel for a coast. The clause blaming the Czar for the war electricity per kwh would never fly, especially considering how it was the Serbs murdering a pro-Slavish Archduke that started things.