Hp designjet z5600 review wide-format printer reviews done with electricity tattoo book

Included is a copy of HP’s DesignJet Excel Accounting Tool for apportioning the costs of ink and media to different users and projects. The X560, however, doesn’t include the even more useful SmartStream workflow software, which adds $800 to the price tag.

The base Z5600 printer doesn’t include a scanner, but you can easily attach HP’s HD 42-inch scanner to the Z5600 or get the X5600 MFP model. Either way, the device can copy or digitize large originals with 1,200 dots-per-inch resolution as fast as 6 inches per second. The image files can be saved locally, on the company’s network or emailed to coworkers. The scanner has its own touchscreen for controlling scanning and previewing the images, but at $17,000, the scanner option dwarfs the price of the printer. Product Specs

Based on a dual-roll design, the Z5600 can quickly switch from plain to photo paper and back again without lugging around ungainly rolls of paper. With its included wheeled stand and print catcher, it occupies 69.7 x 41.3 x 30.5 inches of space and weighs 190 pounds, so it can be tucked into the corner of an office or in its own room.

Capable of working with input stock of up to 44 inches wide, the Z5600 can print borderless posters or banners for marketing campaigns. Alternatively, the Z5600 can accommodate cut sheets of up to 44 x 66 inches as well as poster board or card stock as thick as 0.8 mm.

The printer’s thermal inkjet system can create vivid images of up to 1200 x 2400 dots per inch for up to nearly 2.9 million dots per square inch. With 2,112 nozzles available for use, the Z5600 is capable of placing between 4- and 6 picoliter droplets, print lines as thin as 0.0015 mm and has an accuracy of 0.1 percent, perfect for the most demanding technical drawings.

While it can’t compete with high-end printers that use eight or 10 inks for creating photorealistic prints, the DJ Z5600’s six aqueous pigment inks do a surprisingly good job for everyday office printing, regardless of whether it’s a map of potential oil wells, a shop drawing for building a prototype product or a welcome banner for company guests. That’s because in addition to the regular cyan, magenta, yellow and photo black inks, the printer adds matte black as well as a separate tank of bright red ink.

The system comes with one of the best assortments of software, including drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. There’s also PostScript software and a utility for upsizing everything from Acrobat documents to .tiff images. Those with color-sensitive applications, like posters, will appreciate HP’s app for matching standard Pantone colors.

Able to print on everything from plain, bond and adhesive-backed papers to backlit films, vinyl banner and poster stock as well as canvas, the Z5600 is a jack-of-all-trades printer. On the other hand, its output should be considered only for indoor use because the prints will fade in sunlight and run in the rain.

Versatility is the key to the DesignJet Z5600 with the ability to create accurate large-format prints. Its unique six-color ink system with a separate red formulation may not be up to art gallery quality and its 44-inch width falls short of the best wide-format printers, but its output should be fine for a wide variety of technical drawings, plans and simple posters. Customer Service

The one-year warranty and 24/7 support that HP includes with the Z5600 is standard and the company sells extended warranties for up to five years; a three-year extension costs about $1,100. Online, the support site has everything from firmware and program downloads to FAQs, tips and troubleshooting.