Human trafficking; the hidden shame of pakistan monthly bolan voice gas unlimited

Human Trafficking is horrendous crime by violating the basic human rights and putting the life of victim in danger. Human Trafficking is itself a huge world of crime which brings many other evil crimes. It is very essential for nation to provide the basic facilities to its children in order abolish the socio-economic problems. But unfortunately children of Pakistan are derived from this basic facility.

Furthermore, children trafficked by the agents invariably face numerous problems. One factor which leads their personality development to destruction is child abuse which mostly occurs after trafficking. According to a report of Sahil (an NGO) almost 500 children were sexually assaulted in Pakistan in 1997. These are the cases which have been reported in various newspapers. According to Sahil province-wise the highest incidence of child abuse was found to be in Sindh in 1997 at 49 per. One can rarely find the registered cases. It seems like the people of Pakistan feel reluctant to talk about the subject due the sensitivity of the crime which flames the social evils in the country.

Moreover, another result of child trafficking is prostitution, which is less found in areas, like Balochistan and FATA, but one the other hand the ratio of prostitutions has touched the sky in areas, like Punjab and Sindh. One can find three categories of prostitution in Punjab and Sindh. Firstly, the ones who have been into this profession, secondly the ones who willingly join by the help of a Dalal or pimp in order to get extra money, and thirdly the ones who were trafficked or lured by the traffickers. The trafficked girls mostly remained in brothels for life time. A certain study indicates that in 2003, almost 20,000 women including were engaged in prostitution in Pakistan. A recent study specified that major cities like Faisalabad, Karachi, Multan and Lahore have large population of sex workers.

According to a report of DePaul University’s International Human Rights Law Institute, numerous Afghan women and children were sold in prostitution in Pakistan for around 600 to 700 rupees, which means less than $4 a pound depending on their weights and beauty.

Another result of trafficking is child forced beggar, which is increasing day by day. Children are the future of any nation, but one can find thousands of children begging in each sphere of life, whether be it educational institutes, mosques or on streets. It has become a profession.

Moreover, according to The Asian Human Rights Commissions (AHRC), there are around 1.2 million children on the streets of Pakistan’s major cities and urban centers. Although according to Child Protection and Welfare Bureau, 39,270 poor and neglected children have been facilitated by the Bureau in six years.

I still remember once I was roaming in the bazaar of Turbat when suddenly someone pulled my hand and asked for money. When I paid a look I found a ten-year-old kid begging in grubby condition and tattered clothes which wrenched my heart acutely. I gave him some cash and asked few questions. “What is your name and what is your father” I asked. “My name is Jamal and my father is a beggar” He replied in a nervous tone. I continued the conversation. “Who brought you and your family to Turbat” I asked. “A friend of my Peeu (Sindhi word which means father) told us about some jobs in Turbat” He replied.

One can find various such Jamal on the streets of Pakistan in hunger and needy who are deceived and trafficked by the agents. People involved in this criminal business mislead workless men by promising them employment opportunities in countries like Iran, Turkey and Europe by charging a good amount of cash. And Turbat has a very easy access to Iran illegally. Most of the victims are from Sindh who consider themselves “Sindhi Baloch”.

One another factor also can be the abandoned children. By some estimates more than 100 million children live abandoned by their family members. Almost invariably those children who can work are exploited or otherwise abused economically, physically and often sexually.

It is very essential for nation to provide the basic facilities to its children in order abolish the socio-economic problems. But unfortunately children of Pakistan are deprived of this basic facility. The authorities must look into this matter and protect children from the negative exploitations and provide more and more job opportunities to people so that the poor don’t get compelled to become easy victims to those so-called agents.