Humboldt county weighs options after road tax flops

Humboldt County officials stated Monday that the failure of the sales tax Measure U in November, which would have generated nearly $10 million each year for services like road repairs, has kept the county in the status quo with a $200 million backlog in road maintenance.

“Our main rural roads are just coming apart at the seams,” Humboldt County Public Works Director Tom Mattson said. A level physics electricity equations “… Electricity worksheets for 4th grade You can’t really single one out. Gas out game instructions They’re all in really bad shape.”

As for why the half-cent sales tax proposal failed, Mattson said it came down to timing and a lack of informational outreach. Gas density The Humboldt County Association of Governments had voted in June to work to place the measure on the ballot, leaving less than five months to campaign the measure. Types of electricity The measure was placed on the ballot by the county Board of Supervisors in August. Electricity merit badge pamphlet pdf As a county official, Mattson said he could not advocate for the tax, which is where he said a private sector campaign would have been helpful.

“A lot of them take a number of years to get enough information out there,” Mattson said. Electricity jeopardy “I think Stanislaus County just passed one and it’s the third time they tried. Electricity static electricity It’s a very tough tax to pass. Gas density units We didn’t have the capability or the time to do that.”

As a countywide special sales tax, Measure U required a two-thirds majority vote from the public. Electricity explained The measure came short of even a simple majority with 48 percent approval on Nov. Electricity png 8.

The county’s representative on the association, Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg, said he did not expect the tax to pass. Static electricity sound effect He said part of it was because of burnout from tax proposals, with county voters having already voted to increase their sales tax in 2014 through Measure Z to fund public safety services.

“Between that and not fully understanding where the money was going to be spent, whether it was going to be spent on roads or staff, I think they think they pay enough taxes already and the government should be able to pay for that with existing revenue sources,” Sundberg said.

With Measure U promising to generate about $10 million annually for the next 20 years, its failure was an obvious disappointment for Mattson whose department is responsible for maintaining 1,207 miles of roads and bridges — slightly higher than the distance from Eureka to Tuscon, Arizona. Hp gas kushaiguda The county would have received $4.2 million, which was planned to be used for road surfacing, filling 18 road maintenance worker positions, materials and maintaining county trails.

The longer roads go without repairs, the more likely they will have to be completely rebuilt. Gas natural A report by the American Society of Civil Engineers released from 2014 stated that it would take $426 million to bring all the roads and bridges in Humboldt County into good condition. Gas what i smoke The county’s cut of this would be about $350 million. La gas prices Mattson said some rural roads have gone without any repairs for nearly 30 years.

Under the pavement condition index — which ranks average road quality on a zero to 100 scale, with 100 being a freshly paved road and zero being gravel — Humboldt County currently stands at a 58 and is dropping each year. Gas in back Mattson said his goal is to get that number up to 68.

“Sixty-eight means you can do general surface treatments and not have to be digging up big sections of the road,” he said. Dynamic electricity examples “Then you get into the low 50s and upper 40s where you have to rebuild the whole road. Gas 78 industries It increases the cost four to six times. I feel electricity in my body It’s a lot of work to rebuild the entire road rather than just putting the surface coating on it.”

More fuel-efficient cars and inflation have reduced the purchasing power of California gas tax revenue that the county receives, further reducing the department’s capabilities to maintain the roads. Gas after eating dairy Mattson estimated that nearly 60 percent of the county’s roads division’s budget comes from the gas tax, 20 percent from various sources such as grants and timber taxes and 20 percent from the county’s property tax revenue. Electricity pictures information Humboldt County is one of the few counties that still use property tax revenue to fund road services, Mattson said.

For now, Mattson and Sundberg don’t see any additional funding sources on the horizon other than a hope that the state Legislature will pass legislation to modify the gas tax. Electricity lesson plans for 5th grade One proposal has been to do away with the gas tax and assess the tax based on the number of miles driven, which has raised concerns about privacy.

The county is not alone in being affected by road maintenance backlogs. Gas bloating pregnancy Caltrans announced earlier this year that its Highway 101 Corridor Improvement project between Eureka and Arcata will be delayed by two years due to a shortfall in gas tax funds.

Sundberg said that it is unclear whether they will place another sales tax on the 2020 ballot and what changes would be made to it. C gastronomie limonest If a new Measure U does make the 2020 ballot, it will be sitting right alongside Measure Z, which comes up for renewal that year.

“Obviously Measure Z would be the priority,” Sundberg said. Gas 99 cents “There are so many public safety deputies signed up with that that we need to make sure that happens.”