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GM has what is known as a "Code B" Warranty and a "Code D" warranty, which are for parts purchased over the counter. The B claim is generally used for parts that are not componentized, such as alternators, water pumps, ignition switches, etc. These are subject to a 12 month over the counter warranty free replacement. On large assemblies, such as a transmission, and since the part is made up of many components subject to fail, GM has the D claim process. electricity questions and answers physics If you purchased it over the counter on a parts invoice and can show a licenced shop installed the assembly, GM will required an ASE certified tech within the dealership to disassemble the failed assembly to determine the cause of failure. If the technician determines that the cause was due to poor workmanship or internal failure, the trans in this case, would be repaired or replaced at the discetion of GM or their appointed agent which would be the Service Director in most cases, for 3 years or 50,000 miles whichever is first for a Goodwrench assembly.

The bottom line is that the Hummer pump is proprietry to AMG, BUT it is simply a stroked version of the commercially available pump. The 12V/24V commercially available model ran at 90psi and a smaller cfm rate than the AMG unit. However, the kit to convert the Commercially Available pump to an AMG unit was available, so I had that fitted (at a small charge). This lowered the max PSI to around the 60psi mark and increased the output cfm by nearly double. The kit involved a spacer for the head (about 1" thick) longer head bolts and a longer conrod for the pump piston. gas bubble in chest and back Everything was carryover.

These hold the halfshaft to the brake rotor 6 required for each shaft. Metric M10-1.5 x 35 with a 15mm hex head – You need to use the proper grade bolts. The factory spec is "Grade 8" (SAE J429 Spec) OR "Class 10.9" (ISO R898 Spec). You’re better off ordering the bolts from AMG. These bolts use special Nord lockwashers. 6 – Inclined Cam (Nord-Lock) Lockwashers

Some differences in the above originally installed HUMMER H1 T-Cases over those years include; front half case, planetary gear set (higher capacity), input gear, rear gear sleeves, mainshalf, rear housing, w & w/o tone wheel, differential carrier assembly, rear housing extension, and of course the fix for the infamous "Vampire" cooler (loop) core.

The 85 AMP was "standard" and the 124 "optional" for 1992 & 1993 H1s. Of the 928 total ’92 & ’93 H1s built, possibly less than 30% left the factory with a 85 AMP alternator. For the 1994 model AMG made the 124 AMP "standard" as more and more electrical equipment could be ordered on the vehicles. If it is the original factory installed Alternator, the AMP rating numbers are stamped in the alt. housing. You just need to look very closely.

An aftermarket replacement for the mirror in a 2002 H1 is the Donnelly Auto-Dimming EC Compass-Temperature Mirror-dlc 19701. The new mirror plugs directly into the old plug on the Hummer harness. electricity bill cost There are six wires in the harness; Power, ground and two for the temp sensor. Everything worked fine. This mirror may also work in other Hummer models with the electronic mirror with temp and compass. They also make a model with a map light. The mirror is 230.00 (2011) at AutoDax pn 39-188. A search for the mirror turned up places that had it for 180.00 at Brand New Auto.

Napa part # KS6625 lock & tumblers w/ keys 30.47 – For a Ford Escort. electricity bill payment hyderabad It looks identical except it’s chrome instead of black anodized where the key inserts. Remove the bottom steering column cover with 5 phillips screws, insert the key and turn to the acc position. Push the pin in the bottom of the ignition housing to release the switch and it pulls right out.

They sell side mirrors, mounting brackets, and arms for Hummers. I bought a mount and arm in 9/00 for $79.45, mount = $36.50, arm = $42.95. They must be the supplier for AMG because when I called, they asked what side I needed it for and whether I needed both the mount and arm or just one. You probably just need the arm, if you broke out the socket like I did. These are not Jeep parts, they are new OEM Hummer side mirror components.

I think it was built in Illinois. They said it was US made. I purchased it from Kinne Electric in Manchester NH. The number is 603-622-0441. This place does starter and alternator rebuilds. I originally brought my starter to them for an estimate on repair, but the armature itself was more than purchasing this starter new.They described this unit as an agricultural/marine starter. To my untrained eye, it appears to be just as sealed as the hummer unit. It was way easier to put in than the old unit was to remove. gas up asheville They also told me parts for this unit are cheaper and easier to aquire. They did mention that Leece Neville, the manufacturer of the Hummer unit makes a great starter. Bad alternators, but good starters.

A Diesel Starter for a 2001 Chevy 1 ton van (or G-Van) with a 6.5L Turbo Diesel will work in the Hummer. This is a standard part that is much lighter and cheaper but not water sealed at all. gas definition This is the Delco Remy 28MT medium Duty Starter which weighs 18 lbs. This is a gear reduction starter so it is able to generate the needed torque. This is the installation manual.

You may have to remove the shim when using this part. We installed it on a 2000 and it took no shims at all. Be careful not to bend the housing (see red arrow) when you install this part or it will contact the flywheel and make a ton of noise while the truck is running. There’s only a positive terminal on these starters so you have to connect the ground to an existing bolt on the engine.

but their current H1 soft tops are for 92-96 & don’t fit future model years. I talked to the manager there & he said that if there are any soft top H1’s on Long Beach, CA they would like to use your truck to make a pattern for 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, or 04 model years & if someone were to "volunteer" their truck for the pattern & "test fits" they would give you a new top in exchange for working with them. Then they could use the pattern to make soft tops to sell to everyone else.

The pump cartridge used in the Hummer is the metric version of the pump used in GM trucks. It has "metric" cast into the pump body, right by the pulley shaft. They are available remanufactured with a lifetime warranty from Parts America, number 7519606. The rebuilder is "Original Equipment Re-Manufacturer’s".(NAPA NSP20860 $42.99 + $11.11 core) I’m sure there are other rebuilders also. The price is $50 exchange and a $10 core charge. If they need a cross reference, use a 2000 GMC Savana Van with the 6.5L diesel engine.

AMG Part # 6004345, GM Part # 10166144RH, 14093654. gas finder map This number is cast right into the manifold. The application "Exhaust Manifold ’91-’96 G-Van P-Chassis K-Motor TBI" will come up with this part. It lists for $259.65. NAPA Part # 600-2453. All have an output flange bore (collector inside diameter): cast to 2.125. No gasket is required on this collector because the taper is machined at the end (see photo).

The two metric threaded holes in the left hand side (driver side) manifold have threads: 22mmx1.5mm/thread and 6mmx1.0mm/thread. The 22mm hole in front of cylinder # 1 exhaust port can be plugged with a very common, 20mm long, metric oil drain plug. The small 6mm hole holding the sheet metal heat sheild is 10mm long and this bolt is fairly common stock at a hardware store. gas usa Fuel Pump and Relay