Hurricane hermine slams into florida at 80mph raising fears of floods _ daily mail online electricity symbols

Hurricane Hermine slammed into Florida leaving one person dead, 253,000 without power and caused dozens of towns in its path to evacuate as it continues to cause chaos on its way into Georgia and the Carolinas. Projected storm surges of up to 12 feet menaced a wide swath of the coast and an expected drenching of up to 10 inches of rain carried the danger of flooding along the storm’s path over land, including the state capital Tallahassee, which had not been hit by a hurricane since Kate in 1985. Florida Governor Rick Scott, who declared a state of emergency in 51 counties, said 6,000 National Guard members were ready to mobilize once the storm passed. Hermine – downgraded to a tropical storm – weakened as it moved into southern Georgia, and was 55 miles southwest of Savannah, moving northeast while packing sustained winds of 55pm as of 10am EDT on Friday. After pushing through Georgia on Friday, Hermine is expected to move into the Carolinas on Saturday and up the East Coast with the potential for drenching rain and deadly flooding in New Jersey and New York City over the Labor Day weekend.

Hermine is forecast to hover near or off the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast seaboard, braced for strong winds and coastal flooding, according to The Weather Channel. It will continue through Wilmington, North Carolina on Saturday, pushing further northeast, appearing to hit parts of West Virginia, before hovering over the North Atlantic. A tornado watch has also been issued by the Storm Prediction Center and will remain until 8am EDT for parts of northern and west central Florida, along with southern Georgia and southern South Carolina.

Mother nature’s warning: The storm brought soaking rain, high winds and thousands of power outages. E seva power bill payment Injuries were reported in Tallahassee as trees fell onto homes Hurricane Hermine made landfall in Florida’s Big Bend area early Friday as the first hurricane to hit the state in more than a decade, bringing soaking rain and high winds.

As of 6.30am on Friday, there was an estimated 22 million people under either a tropical storm watch or tropical storm warning, according to The Weather Channel. Schools in 35 of the Florida’s 67 counties were closed, meanwhile state offices were closed in 37 counties. Scott said 253,000 people were without power.

Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis said 100 Florida National Guard personnel were activated, with 34,000 ready to deploy from elsewhere in the United States. President Barack Obama has asked FEMA administrator Craig Fugate to keep him updated on the situation ‘and to alert him if there are any significant unmet needs’, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. ‘Local, state and federal officials have been working diligently to prepare for these storms and have resources on hand to respond to them as necessary,’ he added.

Authorities in Ocala, Florida said a homeless was found dead in a wooded area early Friday after a tree fell on him as winds from Hermine whipped across the state. Capt. Gas finder rochester ny Chip Wildly, director of Marion County’s emergency management agency, said the man’s body was discovered around 7.35am by people who were reporting to work.

Electricity physics definition No further details were immediately available. While damage is still being assessed in the Sunshine State now that Hermine has moved out of Florida and into Georgia, Scott said about 70 per cent of the homes in Tallahassee were without power Friday morning.

The number rises to 99 per cent in Wakulla County on the marshy Gulf of Mexico coastline south of Tallahassee where Hermine made landfall early Friday. Drivers also encountered fallen trees and limbs across roadways, with few traffic lights working, creating hazards for motorists who did not realize they had to stop at intersections. A large oak tree fell across the carport area of a Whataburger restaurant and another tree next to a preschool fell in the opposite direction, hitting a car parked nearby.

Tampa street under water: Wind and rain from Hurricane Hermine toppled trees and power lines along Florida’s northern Gulf Coast, inundating coastal areas with storm surges before it weakened to a tropical storm over land and plowed toward the Atlantic Coast on Friday At Florida’s Keaton Beach, just south of the state’s Big Bend where the peninsula meets the Panhandle, about two dozen people waited on a road just after sunrise on Friday while trying to get to their homes. New father Dustin Beach, 31, rushed to Keaton Beach on Friday from a hospital in Tallahassee where his wife had given birth Thursday night to a girl. ‘When my wife got up this morning she said, “Go home and check on the house. Gas finder near me I need to know where we’re going after we leave the hospital,”‘ Beach said.

Recreation: Officials in the affected region on Friday warned that homes continued to be threatened by high water and implored people to avoid flooded roads While there were no other reports of injuries, emergency crews worked ‘non-stop’ overnight, rescuing 18 people from rising flood waters in Florida’s Pascoe country, and several families in Hernando County, Scott said. Pasco County Fire Rescue and sheriff’s deputies used high-water vehicles during the rescue and those pulled to safety were taken to a nearby shelter. In Wakulla County, south of Tallahassee, a couple suffered minor injuries during the storm when they drove into a tree that had fallen in the road, County Administrator Dustin Hinkel said early Friday.

He said storm surge of eight to 10 feet damaged docks and flooded coastal roads. Electricity merit badge requirements At least seven homes were damaged by falling trees, said Scott Nelson, the county’s emergency manager. As the storm barreled across southeastern Georgia, more than 107,000 customers were reported without power across Georgia as crews worked to repair damage left by Hermine. Florida Governor Rick Scott fears Hurricane Hermine could spread Zika – and experts have said the weather will make it harder for the state to fight the virus.

Once Hermine passes, the remaining water ‘will provide all kinds of breeding sites for the mosquitoes,’ that can spread Zika, said Dr. Gas you up William Schaffner, a professor of Infectious Diseases at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville. ‘We have to get rid of standing water,’ Governor Scott said, according to CBS. Q card gas station ‘That’s the most important thing we can do now and after the this storm hits.

‘ On Thursday, Florida officials said they had trapped the first mosquitoes shown to have the Zika virus – a mosquito-borne virus shown to cause birth defects – after weeks of searching. Florida is the first state in the continental United States to confirm local Zika transmission, with 47 cases of infection so far, raising concerns among pregnant women and threatening the state’s multibillion-dollar tourism industry. First detected in Brazil last year, Zika can cause the rare birth defect microcephaly, marked by abnormally small heads and underdeveloped brains, when pregnant women are infected.

Earlier this week, Governor Scott urged residents and business owners to remain vigilant against Zika-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquitoes once the storm had passed. High winds from the hurricane will also make aerial spraying with pesticides impossible, disrupting a key effort by the state to keep mosquito populations under control, said Joseph Conlon, a retired U.S. O gosh Navy entomologist who serves as technical adviser for the American Mosquito Control Association.

Florida officials have been working to drain water in containers on residents’ property and scrub away rings of eggs, but fresh rains from a large storm could refill them, and any remaining eggs could hatch. On its current path, the storm could dump as much as 15 inches of rain on coastal Georgia, which was under a tropical storm watch, and the Carolinas.

Georgia Power reported on its online outage map shortly before noon on Friday that about 30,000 were in the Savannah area and more than 20,000 others were in the Brunswick area near the coast. Georgia Electric Membership Corp.’s online outage map showed about 21,700 customers of other utilities, many of them in rural areas, were without power shortly before noon.

In South Carolina, the mayor of Charleston, which saw historic flooding less than a year ago, is urging residents there to ‘batten down the hatches, hunker down and stay put’ as Hermine moves through the state. Mayor John Tecklenburg said on Friday that the city is blessed that it is not dealing with a major hurricane but officials are taking Hermine seriously.

He said as Hermine approaches, the city is expecting serious winds and rainfall that can lead to flash flooding. V gashi 2012 He said the city distributed 3,000 sandbags on Thursday. It has been almost a year since rainfall from what has been described as a 1,000-year-storm inundated South Carolina and caused widespread flooding in Charleston that prompted officials to block people from entering the downtown area. Emergency officials in North Carolina said they have helicopters, boats and high-clearance vehicles on standby in case of flooding or other tropical storm problems.

In Carrabelle, on the coast just 60 miles southwest of Tallahassee, Courtney Chason was keeping an eye on the storm surge as docks and boat houses were slowly being battered as the storm approached last night. ‘I’ve never seen it this high, it’s pretty damn crazy. Gas out game rules I’ve been in this area for 30 years but I’ve never seen it like this,’ she said.

Gas weed ‘I hope it doesn’t get any higher, we need lots of prayers.’ The last hurricane to hit Florida was Wilma in October 2005, which killed a total of 62 in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, Cuba, and Florida, including five in the Sunshine State itself. The category 5 hurricane had wind speeds of up to 183mph and caused an estimated $23billion in damage in Florida.

Electricity 101 presentation It is ranked as the fifth costliest storm in US history. The U.S. Gas stoichiometry formula has only recorded four less powerful hurricane strikes in the past seven years: that’s the fewest in any seven-year stretch since records began in the 1800s, according to USA Today. On Thursday, Scott had said his top concern was storm surge, which has the potential to leave people trapped in their homes, according to USA Today. The forecast of rough weather prompted Scott to declare a state of emergency on Wednesday, as many school districts along the Gulf Coast canceled after-school activities and ordered students to stay home on Thursday.