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Hush starts off with a fight identical to the ??? fight, having the same attacks and behavior but a noticeably different appearance and half of ???’s health. After Hush’s first form is defeated, it reveals its large true form at the top of the room, taking the form of its splash screen appearance. Its health pool is very large, and its basic attacks consist of barrages of shots following various patterns akin to those in the " bullet hell" genre of shoot ’em ups. Combined with enemy summons in between, the attacks can be particularly hard to evade.

• Hush spawns a horde of Blue Gapers, which have an appearance similar to Hush’s first form, before sinking into the ground to relocate. While relocating, Hush summons Blue Boils that fire either single shots or triple salvos at Isaac that can travel across the room. Hush is invulnerable in this state.

Hush fires three rows of wavy Continuum shots in one of the cardinal directions, which warp over to the other side of the screen and increase in speed the longer they travel. Hush will perform this attack 2-5 times before using a different one. These shots move in a set pattern, so standing still in a safe spot will allow Isaac to avoid an entire barrage.

Hush fires two laser beams upward from its eyes, which will create beams on the ground that move toward Isaac and leave slippery creep in their wake. The speed at which the beams move is based on Isaac’s speed stat, and are always possible to outmaneuver. While firing these lasers, Hush will also release wavy, slow-moving lines of tears in five directions.

• Having a Stop Watch for this fight is very valuable, as the slow effect triggered upon taking a hit will aid the player’s ability to dodge the complex tear patterns and deal with the massive spawns of enemies, which can happen in quick succession.

• Lost Contact, in combination with a high tears stat, may be effective in blocking projectiles. A player with a low tears stat may find that Lost Contact will cause any tears fired during bullet hell attacks to be destroyed before reaching their target.

• A safe way to beat Hush is through the usage of Gnawed Leaf in combination with a passively damaging item such as Daddy Longlegs or The Pinking Shears, though it will take a while. Using The Ludovico Technique in combination with Gnawed Leaf can also be effective since Hush doesn’t move a lot.

• The Ventricle Razor allows the player to repeatedly enter and exit the boss room, granting multiple uses of items like the Wooden Nickel to help as the Keeper, provided a source of charges is available. Multiple pickups may also be dropped for use during the fight.

• When playing as Keeper, Head of the Keeper and Wooden Nickel can be used to drop spare coins on the floor that can be taken after being hit. The latter can be combined with The Battery for one extra charge, and with 9 Volt for continuous recharges every 15 seconds.

• If the player is able to get Mysterious Liquid and Trisagion (and possible a high tear rate + slow moving tears), the player is able to kill Hush extremely quickly due to the multiple tear creeps underneath him, which doesn’t seem to trigger his resistances.

Damage scaling is an unclear mechanic introduced by Nicalis in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth to provide a more challenging experience to the players, enabling some enemies to retaliate against high damage attacks by deploying an "armor" of sort to greatly reduce the amount of damage taken. Further details and an in-depth explanation may be found here.

• There is an unused file in the game named "boss_hush_skinless" which appears to be an unfinished spritesheet for a third form of Hush. It resembles a red, fleshy version of the head of The Forsaken. This was confirmed by Edmund to be "a red herring for dataminers."