Hustler raptor flip up fuel gauge electricity omd


Well earlier today I called a couple of authorized Hustler dealerships and spoke to some of the technical guys there and asked them if it was a known problem for the fuel gauge not gauging fuel correctly, etc. Told them the problem that I was encountering explaining that even though the mower is practically brand new, purchased only a couple months ago?

But one individual made it a point to emphasize that yes sometimes the problem with just the actual fuel gauge itself does happen (even though it is a new mower, after a few months time/usage) that the fuel gauge would act up or stop working and was told that, that would be the most likely problem with it so to check that out first.

Apparently it is a very easy task if you are pretty handy with tools. Just remove the entire black plastic covering screws and cover, this exposes the panel, fuel gauge, etc. connections, then disconnect the fuel gauge pin connector, pop up the defective fuel gauge then insert the good fuel gauge in its place, re-connect the fuel gauge pin connector then reset the black plastic covering and screws back and that’s it.

Also I did mention that I did send Hustler manufacturer a request on my experiences with the fuel gauge, etc. but have yet to hear back from them. Probably when I do they’ll just tell me to take it to an authorized Hustler dealership for warranty repair(s)?

I purchased mine Flip Up in May of 2016 and noticed this after two cuts when I ran out of fuel. My gauge returns to "E" when I turn the key off but stays at "F" when using. I pulled the float and it moves freely outside of the tank. Dealer had not heard of any other problems like this.Thanks for your response.

The tech explained to me that they were aware that at times the fuel thanks internal "float" would malfunction randomly and get stuck at times and that the entire "fuel tank" would need to be replaced to correct this. I was told that since mine was still under warranty that it would need to be sent to a local authorized Hustler dealership to have the entire fuel tank to be replaced for free.

I then asked why couldn’t they just send me the fuel tanks "internal float" replacement so that I could just replace that by myself and the tech explained to me that for safety reasons they could not and would not under any circumstances be able do that. The only way to have it replaced would be to have it sent in to an authorized dealership to have that done.

The very first time that I encountered this, I actually did research on this problem specifically with the fuel tanks internal fuel sending units gauge design (I was able to get a copy of the fuel sending gauge internal design) along with it’s electrical components and determined what the problem might be.

I first called Hustler Corp. and spoke with their engineer and explained the problem that I was encountering I was told that Hustler Corp. was aware of the problem and that it was only a matter of just replacing the fuel tank and fuel tanks internal sending unit to correct the problem.

After being told that, I knew that I could perform the task myself but Hustler Corp. would not allow sending the parts directly to me since it is considered a safety issue and that the only way to have it replaced was through an authorized Hustler service dealership (which I already knew) and that since my mower was still under warranty that it would be done at no cost. So I had the dealership do it and it worked fine for a few months but then the same problem happened again.

I contacted and spoke with the original manufacturer’s ( Excel/Kelch ) engineer on the original design of the fuel tanks internal "fuel sending gauge", explained to them what I considered was the "root cause" specifically to the problem and it was determined that the units internal electrical components would become faulty over a short period of time and stay either "open" or "closed", resulting in the fuel gauge indicator showing either just "full" or "empty" and would not move.

I experienced this twice now since the first time this happened, the dealership just replaced the fuel tank along with the fuel sending unit with original equipment and well of course the problem came back after a few months (figured that it would).

The second time this happened I knew what I was in for since my mower is under warranty. So I took it a step further and called around and spoke with several other Hustler Authorized dealerships technicians and mechanics around the country and they all basically told me the same thing about just replacing the fuel tank and fuel sending unit with the exception of two places.

These two places basically explained me that Hustler Corp. knows about the problem with the faulty fuel tanks internal fuel gauge sending unit (which I already knew) and that Hustler determined that the fuel tanks internal fuel sending unit was a faulty design and was in the process of having it corrected with a new design concept.

Flip the seat up and check your mowers fuel tank, what color is it?….that should give you and indication but either way contact a Hustler Authorized sales & service place and they should take it from there to correct the problem (I would assume that your mowers is under warranty since it is a 2018 model so you should not have to pay for anything only transportation if needed for pick up and delivery, unless of course you can take care of that yourself?)