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The Collaborative of NY, Inc. and HWS Colleges are pleased to present The 10th Annual Arts Experience: A Festival Celebrating Inclusion the Arts with the theme of People Power: Get Together! (For more information on the theme electricity usage click here). Below you will find information about this year’s Arts Experience activities. All activities are held on the HWS campus in Geneva, NY and are free, wheelchair accessible, and open to all. Click ‘Register Online’ to register. Registration is required for all workshops gas nozzle keeps stopping due to space limitations. Monday, April 1, 2019

Larry Bissonette is an artist and disability rights advocate who lives in Vermont. He exhibits his art regularly both locally and nationally, and his work is in numerous permanent collections. Larry is both the subject and writer of an award-winning film titled My Classic Life as an Artist: A Portrait of Larry Bissonnette (2005). In 1991, Larry learned to communicate through typing gas key staking and began combining words with his art to express his thoughts and ideas. Over the past 20 years, he has been a featured presenter at many national educational conferences and has written and spoken on the topics of autism, communication, and art.

“BAND” together using 1960’s era Peace People Power accessories (buttons, pins, colorful gas 99 cents rubber stamp designs, flowers, etc.). Make and decorate all kinds of bands: hair bands, head bands, bows, bow ties, ties, ankle bands, leg bands, whatever you choose! Proudly wear our bands throughout the ARTS Experience festival to represent our incredible People Power!

Performers of all types have found accessibility to fuller sounds and creative possibilities using live looping: the recording and playback of a piece of music in real-time. Join bass musician, Frans Bohman, for electricity for kids a performance/presentation on the art of loop-based music. Frans will explain how loop-based-music has influenced his writing and live performances, followed by an opportunity to explore live looping yourself!

No registration necessary. Stop by between 10 am and 1 pm for an all inclusive community project. Learn about the traditional origami paper npower electricity meter reading cranes, create your own cranes, decorate pre-made cranes or the paper for others to fold. We will be trying to make 1000 cranes throughout the festival to achieve the ancient Japanese legend of earning a wish. All ability electricity was invented levels.

Playwright H May describes their one-person play: “Incited by a round of visits to doctors that left me feeling unmoored, this performance is a diagnosis of a disease plaguing the theatre and me: lack of vision. A reflection on Tiresias, disability, and the disorientation electricity outage compensation of the early days of the Trump administration, ‘Rearranging the Furniture’ challenges audiences to create space for difference, hold ground that feels increasingly unstable, and to learn to love or cut the ties that bind.”

Enjoy performances by Youth Voice Band, A Moving Experience with Emily Brown and the Arc of Monroe Community Arts Connection company, and 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect Creative Movement with Cadence Whittier. Take selfies with OPWDD’s groovy Get Together People Power Bus, and enjoy artwork at the Pop up People’s Exhibit (BYOA – Bring Your Own Artwork) and more! Emcee Nathan Merrill, Ontario Arc. Lunch pizza and refreshments provided (no cost).