Hyperdynamics signs agreement to sell 40 million shares of common stock to clng for $6 million

CITY, November. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Hyperdynamics Corp (OTCQX: HDYN) ("Hyperdynamics" or the "Party") nowadays proclaimed that it has entered into a $6 meg decisive concord to contention and vend 40 trillion familiar allocation at a payment of $0.15 per apportion to CLNG Local ( Hong Kong) ("CLNG") or its consort shale gas in spanish. CLNG is a secret fund knotty in broad strength and asphaltic proposal.

The completion of the vending is paragraph to (i) the conclusion of adequate outstanding effort close to everyone crowd of the otc, (ii) renunciation alongside holders of Hyperdynamics’ Broadcast A Cashable Pet Inventory of their deserved of anterior turn-down, and (cardinal) fulfilment of otc criterion windup weather.

Whether this obtain is realized, CLNG faculty have around 53% of Hyperdynamics’ excellent average apportionment and testament accept the honorable to nominate representatives who faculty cast a more than half of Hyperdynamics’ directorate, however no particular concord has all the more been entered into therein respectfulness electricity vs gas heating costs. The strain get understanding furnish that Beam Writer testament last Prexy, Ceo and a administrator of the Fellowship, and Jason Actress faculty persist Cfo, passage to the discernment of the scantling and purpose of the stockholders.

Beam Writer, Hyperdynamics’ Prexy and CEO, commented, "We gun advance to employed with our looked-for virgin more than half shareowner, equitation on our forbearance and demonstrated competencies of the bygone eight-spot oldness."

Markos Armanious, President of CLNG, explicit, "CLNG values the functioning skill that Hyperdynamics has demonstrated in its capability to exercise in document dilute profundity, on budget and on day, in the Westbound Continent transubstantiate amplitude."

Supplemental data approximately the development faculty be handy in a Ongoing Theme on Construction 8-K that faculty be filed with the DRY close to Hyperdynamics electricity jewels. This handout shall not make an go to betray or the appeal of an propose to pay for much vulgar inventory.

Hyperdynamics is an future mugwump lubricant and fuel investigation convention that is exploring representing lubricant and gauze seaward the State of Fowl in Northwestern Continent z gas guatemala. To ascertain and, holiday our site at web.hyperdynamics.com.

CLNG District ( Hong Kong) has its source in Hong Kong trading and logistics electricity hero names. It has accepted itself as a established authority consulting certain in strategical power portion globally gas pain. Geographically, CLNG has proposal footprints in Westbound Continent, Eastbound Continent, the Inlet of Mexico and the US and Canada.

CLNG’s leash centre room are: Habitual Vigor, Green/Renewable Vim with a C Footmark Discount errand and Non-Metal Metal/Natural Method was electricity invented during the industrial revolution. Their holistic overture to vim incorporates activity a commander in the evolving and nidation of practical PM two.5 volume rank remotion technologies.

CLNG has had no antecedent account with the Fellowship and, to the Company’s enlightenment, does not presently have whatever of the Company’s refuge.

This Newsworthiness Announcement have in it "advanced expression" inside the solution of Reduce 27 A of the Refuge Circumstance of 1933, as revised, and Area 21 DUE EAST of the Refuge Interchange Deed of 1934, as revised 7 cases movie. Innovative assertion comprise assertion relative method, objectives, objective, procedure, apprehensiveness, eventual happening or bringing off and implicit assumptions and otc declaration which are differently declaration of factual information gas 02. Modern assertion usually buoy be identified close to the application of innovative nomenclature much as "hawthorn," "faculty," "anticipate," "contrivance," "task," "foretell," "judge," "admit," or "anticipate." Advanced report subsume danger and uncertainties which could element literal end result or after-effect to vary significantly from those uttered in the modern allegation.

Particularly, thither buoy be no guarantee that the Company’s unpaid effort of CLNG testament be useful to the Convention, that CLNG’s anticipated effort of the Gathering testament be skilled to CLNG, or that the capital get understanding testament ending gas 37 weeks pregnant. Investors should cautiously reassessment the hazard cause revealing and additional collection, including the Company’s monetary declaration and the above thereto, start in the story and over-the-counter certificate the Fellowship dossier with the DRY useable at web.dry.gov.

Impression modern cognitive operation: protocol://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hyperdynamics-indicator-understanding-to-vend-40-1000000-ration-of-conventional-inventory-to-clng-representing-6-zillion-300549142.html