Hyundai dealers reportedly price gouging on kona electric electricity invented timeline


Depends. . they can of course price the car so high that they’re not able to sell it. Bad for business. The market will regulate. One can question if the extra price should benefit the manufacturer – to give them more incentives to make more EVs. According to what I read.. higher profit may be good for US car dealers, so they will actually make an effort selling more EVs. If they think about EVs = good profit.. they may be more positive to sell them. If KIA got a guarantee from their dealer that they will buy 200K EVs a year – KIA would make 200K a year . . once they have time to regulate their k electric jobs test supply chain for a higher production rate. At the same time, I would have liked KIA to use the 5-8K extra to develop more EVs, use it on interior material quality, for overall quality improvements. . just simple things like better rust protection, more use of special alloys, stainless nuts and bolts, silicone cable insulation. On the other hand.. the extra price would make the car harder to sell. I think The KIA sells because it offers good value for money, and … Read more »

I don’t cherry pick- nothing of what I’ve said is untrue. I never said the Model 3 was superior in terms of price. In fact, it was the first thing I mentioned (“..for a little bit more”). What I didn’t say about price electricity in the body symptoms? Here you go: the Bolt costs about 75-80% of the cost of a Model 3. For only 20-25% more in price I get access to a Supercharging network, Autopilot, way faster acceleration/performance, way better handling, way faster charging speed, longer range, larger and more comfortable gas efficient cars 2016 seats, more head/shoulder/leg room, AWD for all-weather driving options, over-the-air updates for duration of ownership, way better sound system, future autonomous driving, Summon Mode, and an all glass sunroof. In for a penny, in for a pound I guess. Not a bad list of “upgrades” for a mere 25% more in price. With your Bolt, you can carry bulkier items and have a higher reliability rating. I’ll take my categories, thanks. Enjoy that 60 kW CCS (if you paid an extra $750 to be able to “unlock” the ability to fully use your car), I’ll take my 120 kw Supercharger. By the way, I’ve told you this before- the Bolt is a … Read more »

This is the funniest thread ever. Lots of back and forth about how gouging should be illrgal, or how socialism prevents such things…. Most of you may not understand that car dealers buy the cars from Hyundai. A limited production model like this EV is allotted out by the manufacfurer based on several criteria. But what matters is that electricity load shedding dealer owns that car and can ask whatever they darn choose for it. Here’s the consumer power: Say I come in with my checkbook and offer to pay near the posted price Hyundai has published and officially announced and seen in media. Say said dealer upcharges me $5,000 and says its supply and demand. I tell him that he has every right to ask whatever he wishes, hoping for some silly early adopter willing to pay whatever to be one of the first to own one. Its my free right and will to: A) NEVER do business with his company or the company that owns his company (many dealers today belong to corporate stores whose ownership body operate fleets of stores) ever again. B) INFORM family, friends, coworkers, associates, clients, facebook friends – of the gouging and advantage-taking they are doing. … Read more »

Thanks for the heads up, I went there about a month ago and they said they’d be receiving some in March. Btw, the salesmen at this particular Hyundai(Dublin) dealership are pretty unhelpful and apathetic electricity of the heart for the most part as I’ve gone there on multiple occasions trying to get information in the past. I walked over to the Kia dealership on the same day and the sales guy I conversed with was much more helpful and electricity kwh to unit converter interested in selling me a car. I asked him about the Niro EV and he informed me that originally they had expected delivery of some vehicles this past December, but then was told by corporate that it would be January, then February, now it’s mid-March. I finally just threw up my hands and talked the wife into test driving a Model 3. 95% sure we’ll be purchasing the 3 within the next few months once our e-Golf lease ends especially with these markups these shady dealership want to tag on. Hyundai and Kia certainly seem to really not be interested in selling EVs til they absolutely have to. It’s a shame as I was really hoping that they would help usher in the EV revolution … Read more »