Hyundai new verna user reviews and ratings – hyundai cars i have electricity in my body


After a lot of heart burn and confusion, we final got our new Hyundai Verna on 22nd August, 2018. Heartburn because we had to part with our not so old Mahindra Quanto and confusion as we were not sure whether to go in for a compact SUV or a premium hatch. Verna was nowhere in the radar. But one test ride is all it took to sway our decision and finally we went ahead and booked the SX VTVT (Petrol) version static electricity diagram.

Now coming to the Verna, driving dynamics of the car are just perfect. There is not much to complain about on this front thought some of the experts do lament the poor braking on the car. But, I am no spirited driver and love to cruise along between 40-50 km/hr the city. So braking has not been my point of lament. The suspension is tuned just perfect and the car takes on road undulations with finesse. The cruise control is also an icing on the cake.

The new an improved exterior of the car is definitely a head turner and the major design elements from the Elantra do give the Verna a much needed premium upgraded look. On the interiors front the there is ample of tech and comfort rolled in together. The touch screen, auto climate control, MID, sound from the audio setup, quick charging USB port as well as the rear AC vents leave no room for complaints. The only electricity sources in canada issue here is the space for the back passengers. Hyundai could have given some more room in terms of shoulder room and leg room.

I’ve always been in love with this car. Especially the 2018 Verna. The price remained a concern and I was sure that I wouldn’t buy a different car since Verna has features that no other car in this segment could provide. I looked at a few used one’s primarily to understand the differences and also see if it was worth paying the extra amount. Hence after a lot of contemplation I moved ahead with my purchase of the verna 1.6 sx(o) anniversary gas leak chicago edition diesel. I did about 6 test drives before I made the purchase. I’d read on a lot of reviews that the breaks were not upto the mark. I too felt that on the test drive cars. However on the 6th attempt I was sent a 500kms driven petrol auto to specifically test the breaks and I’m happy to say that they were razor sharp! I took the delivery of my car from Kothari hyundai (Kharadi Pune) on the 1st of november. I’ve driven about 1900 kms and there haven gas after eating eggs’t really a lot of bad experiences (Will cover that in a bit) till date. The car is butter smooth. The handling is like no Hyundai I’ve ever driven (I started off with the first gen i20 and then moved to the elite i20. We also got a creta earlier this year). One of my key requirements was good is there a gas station near me FE. I’m glad to report an average of about 19 in city with normal traffic. I’ve had a few highway test runs. On most of them I used to set the cruise control to 100 (only on the express way). Trips to lonavala returned an average of 21.8 to 22.3 kmpl. (All 3 done on sundays with quite a lot congestion. Figures are for about a 180 kms return journey). The steering is light but doesn’t feel disengaged even in high speeds unlike the previous generations. On a mahabaleshwar trip I touched 172 kmph (after the 1st service) and I still got an average of more than 20 kmpl which I think was simply fab. Now coming to some of the not so great parts, I feel the seats are a little to hard and don’t provide ample thigh support. I’m 6ft and there isn’t enough room for ppl like me to be seated in the rear. I really don’t understand why they couldn’t offer led headlights. While the halogen do the work but I always felt the LED’s could have done a better job. It also looks a lil odd since the Day light running leds are white, so are the projector for lamps. The halogen headlight does look a little odd. But these are certainly not real breakers. Long story short lafayette la gas prices, though it’s probably the most expensive car in it’s segment. It surely lives up to the expectations. Certainly is an amazing car.