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Tri-Village schools Superintendent Josh Sagester, who is also the varsity basketball coach, said disciplinary action has been taken against some students. Npower electricity bill He wouldn’t detail whether that meant sports suspension, school suspension or something else, citing “student privacy and confidentiality.”

“The goal of the district is to make sure this alleged incident never happens again,” Sagester said. Gsa 2016 new orleans “We want to make sure the students get educational training, and we want to bring in some type of speaker who has experience with this issue.”

Asked whether his dual role as coach and superintendent should preclude him from continuing to deal with sheriff’s officials, Sagester said the school district’s own investigation was led by the high school principal, with input from the athletic director.

Whittaker said the sheriff’s office has interviewed about a dozen people and believes Tri-Village school officials responded as soon as they learned of the incidents. Electricity outage chicago He said the schools had already started their own investigation and disciplinary process by the time the sheriff’s office learned of the issue, adding that school officials have cooperated in the probe.

“I have no evidence that staff had knowledge of, or was condoning or participating in any of the hazing,” he said. Bp gas station “This is student-focused conduct.”

Hazing is a fourth-degree misdemeanor, which has a maximum of 30 days in jail. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade Whittaker said the reason hazing charges are likely, rather than charges of a sexual nature, is because of Ohio law’s definition of sexual contact.

“The prosecutor has to prove that the touching of another’s private area … you have to also prove the element of sexual gratification,” he said. Electrical supply company near me “And that is not what was going on in that locker room.”

Whittaker said he hopes to present the case to Darke County Prosecutor R. E payment electricity bill maharashtra Kelly Ormsby on Thursday. Gas variables pogil worksheet answer key The Early Bird, a Darke County news outlet, quoted Ormsby as saying he wouldn’t make a decision on charges until he had seen the sheriff’s report and talked to the victims and their families.

Tri-Village has been one of the region’s most successful small-school basketball programs, reaching the Division IV state semifinals in 2014 and winning the state title in 2015. Gas pump heaven They started this season 3-0, then lost to struggling Newton on Friday, as multiple players were not in the lineup.

Sagester is a former Brookville High School basketball star who played collegiately at Mercer. Q gas station He has won multiple all-area coach of the year honors.

A Dayton woman found brutally beaten, naked and tied up with a rope on Wheatley Avenue last month said she only thought about her kids as she feared she would die.

This news outlet does not name rape victims, but in this case McMahan gave permission to use her name and spoke out in an exclusive interview with our reporters.

Dayton police said on Nov. F gas regulations 2015 27 McMahan was kidnapped, raped and assaulted by one man and two women who punched her and hit her with a blunt object. Gas house pike frederick md She was found on a Dayton city street after she fell from a moving car.

“I opened the trunk and I just jumped,” she said. “I hesitated at first because he was going pretty fast and then when I opened the trunk, they sped up. Electricity nightcore lyrics And I just went for it. Gas tax in new jersey … Electricity quiz ks3 I remember waking up in the ambulance and them telling me not to move, that I was bleeding pretty bad.”

McMahan said she had been best friends with Rice, 40, but that she had only met Lake, 22, and Cargle, 29, the night before the incident. Gas prices going up or down All three were indicted on kidnapping, assault and rape charges.

“I just want everybody to hear the real story,” McMahan said of coming forward at the end of a touch year of fighting through a divorce. “I’ve not stopped yet and I’m not going to.”

“He walks over to me and he puts his hands on my collarbone and he wraps them around my neck and tackles me to the ground. Electricity and magnetism notes I’m freaking out, like what are you doing? And he just starts punching on me,” she said. “He says (to Lake and Rice) ‘Make her bleed or I’ll make you guys bleed.’ ”

McMahan said the women stripped her. Gaz 67 dakar She said Cargle and Lake used an object to rape her. Gas and water McMahan said she was then tied up with rope and tossed into a car trunk, where McMahan said she was able to wriggle her hands loose. Electricity worksheets grade 6 She said she ripped out the speaker wires so she could hear what they were saying. “I heard J.P (Cargle) said that he needed to kill me … Gas mask ark that I know too much stuff.” McMahan said she thinks Cargle thought she had something to do with a girl who disappeared from the basement of the house all four were in the night before the attack. Gas monkey monster truck body McMahan said she found the lever to open the trunk and then she leaped.

“I’m scared to death. Electricity lessons grade 6 Even that I know that they’re locked up, I’m scared,” she said. “I’m just scared for me and my kids. Impact of electricity in the 1920s … Gasket t 1995 I can’t leave the house. Electricity synonyms I look our the curtains constantly. Gastronomia y cia It’s horrible.”

McMahan said she’s grateful for the people who called 911 and tended to her before medics arrived. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 4th grade She also thinks the outcome would have been far different had she not gotten out of that car.