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The only sad thing was the prearranged lunch at a ger camp was fully taken over by a visiting conference so we went to the newly built hotel in the park instead. Not gas in babies treatment the same experience, but we got to try some traditional Mongolian food and tea, and was very nice. This wasn’t their fault and I was impressed how they adapted the tour so easily at short notice.

Overall, I highly recommend Dream… Doogii and her team were excellent from start to finish. They were easy to communicate with via email and we negotiated exactly what we wanted out of the tour. We did a one day tour to include the Genghis Khan statue and Terelj national park. Our guide Garidaa and driver Chuka were promptly at our hotel. They told us our itinerary for the day and asked if we wanted to make any changes. In fact astrid y gaston lima reservations we had something we wanted to do that we hadn’t previous discussed and it was easily accommodated on the tour. The vehicle they used was smart and comfy – prepare for bumps in the NP though! We only had one day so we stuck mainly to the tourist trail, but we did horse riding which was fun and took us up and over the hills away from the tourists. The only sad thing was the prearranged lunch at a ger camp was fully taken over by a visiting conference so we went to the gas constant for nitrogen newly built hotel in the park instead. Not the same experience, but we got to try some traditional Mongolian food and tea, and was very nice. This wasn’t their fault and I was impressed how they adapted the tour so easily at short notice. Terelj national park was beautiful and I know I will be going back one day in the future for a longer time. Overall, I highly recommend Dream Mongolia – we, like you, just found them on TripAdvisor and decided to give them a go, and we were not disappointed. More Show less

After reading all the wonderful reviews that Dream Mongolia has, I decided to give a try. I contact Doogii and she replied to every inquiry I had. Upon my arrival I had my driver Tulgaa and my guide Garida punctual waiting for me. I only had six days in Mongolia only enough to cover white stupa, Yol Am National park, dunes electricity projects for class 12, flamingo cliffs, Terejl National park and Ulaanbaatar. What an amazing trip!! My accommodations/ger camps were super clean, with great food and hot water. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. Sometimes for a solo female travel it can be difficult but I felt very well taking care. I really appreciated Doogii attention to details such as having snacks and water in the van for the trip, constantly check in with my guide, having a female guide my age, making time to personally meet me before my departure. What a lovely person!! I had a blast and it was so hard to saying good bye. Mongolia did v gashi 2012 surprise me as a country that is booming very fast and is trying to keep its tradition. I can’t emphasize enough that Dream Mongolia has been the best travel company I have used so far.

I booked this private tour very last minute due to a change in travel plans and wasn’t really sure what to expect as I had never done a solo tour before and Mongolia was such an unknown quantity to me. Doogi made it all very easy and I was picked up from my hotel, also surprised and impressed by the complete lack of paperwork as I come from a world gas tax in ct of bureaucracy. From the beginning my guide Nasa made me feel right at home and we got on like a house on fire. I was truly blown away by the places we visited which were in and around the Gobi and the Gers were such an incredible experience. Nasa worked tirelessly to make sure all my needs were met and went over and above her job description to ensure I was ok. Her English is also impeccable and local knowledge excellent, not to mention her great cooking skills on a little gas stove!Special shout out to our marvellous driver Unuruu, who is capable of driving for hours and hours on rough terrain and still have a cheeky smile on his face. It didn’t even matter that we didn’t speak the same language, we understood each other anyway and the three of us had such a laugh. He even drove me to the airport at 5am which was so good of him. I wish I could have spent longer than static electricity review worksheet 5 days travelling Mongolia with these two, they really made the experience extra special and I will definitely be back to explore the rest of this wonderful country. Thank you for everything Dream Mongolia.

I went on a 12 day tour to Gobi in mid-April. It was a private tour due to it being off season. Doogii was very attentive and responsible. Prior to my arrival, she provided extra information about the country and travel advice, helped with booking for my next leg to Russia and more (which she wasn’t obligated to do). She picked me up when I landed, made sure I settled in well (helped electricity and magnetism worksheets middle school with currency exchange and info for local areas etc) and came and said farewell in person when I left which was at 6 o’clock in the morning. The guide Urga speaks perfect English and was full of knowledge. I could ask her anything from history, culture, politics to geology. On top of all that, Urga is a good cook. I am so grateful about gas calculator that because she cooked most of the meals in the tour. So much effort was put in to make my breakfast each day. Urga made sure I had enough fruits and vegetables and balanced nutrition. She knew I was a vegetarian but I tried not to be a pain and said I will try everything and eat meat during my travel. Urga found out that I was to go to Western electricity flow chart Mongolia at some point after the tour and she knew how cold it is on the other side of the country. She spent half a day taking me to different markets to buy warmer clothes, and bargained with the stores for me to get the best price. She could have gone home way earlier that day and take that half day off as the tour was finished. I really appreciated it, she was so right, the cold was on another level I couldn’t imagine at all. I would have been so underprepared and frozen. The driver Tulga has exceptional driving skills and experience with the difficult terrain and traffic conditions. He was always sending us to places safe and on schedule. We were always warm enough and comfy in the car. Seats and floor in the car were cleaned each day, as well as the windows electricity in india so I could take some good pictures through it. I was looked after like a princess even when resources was limited in the outback. I could see everything was well prepared and the staff paid attention to details. The vehicle, cooking equipment, the sleeping bag are all nice and clean. Overall, I am really satisfied with Dream Mongolia and think I have got more than I paid for.