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umm my diet is not all that great. i have lost a lot of wieght since i hit my groth spurt but i have been eating a lot of junk food. all these problems began when i ate some chinese food from down the street it started with a bad taste in my mouth then i was constipated that went away then i had a sore throat, i felt tired, and nauseous but never got sick sick like throwing up then it all went away then i started hving like this sinus thing going on where id blow my nose and it would be dark gree or yellow. iw ent to my doctor, got tested was negative for everything. then i got my period, and since then i haen’t felt 100% as i used to be b4 i ate that chinese food what could it be? plus i had a lot of gas lately and my chest was hurting a bit. my heart was ding this weird thing like it would jump out of my chest like that funny feeling you get on a rolercoaster but in your chest not your stomach. and i have spasms all over sometimes. im still feeling very weak and even if i get a full nights sleep im still exhausted throughout the day. whats goin on? anybody know?

If the doctor finds nothing, you might want to keep going until something is found. Might as well get your thyroid checked while you’re at it. If the doctor keeps failing, try a naturopath. They heal you as opposed to just dispensing drugs that cover symptoms. Though, it would involve life changes. Well worth it if you’re very sick, and it would also mean you won’t be sick later on in life.

One of the quickest fixes is to improve digestion. This can be accomplished among other things, by taking probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria which will improve digestion, help you assimilate nutrition, improve immune function, keep bad bacteria/fungi/yeast in check, etc. You can find it at health stores. Look for enteric coated, multi-strain, high count. You could also look into Spectra 12. Contains many strains as well as other whole food sources which are great for health. Eating fermented foods could help too, such as yogurt, kefir, saurkraut, etc. However, if it’s pasteurized there’s really no point. Non-pasteurized could be found at health stores, Whole Foods, or on the internet.

""Healthy comes from eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones. Eating 9-12 servings (based on body size. women generally need less) of vegetables and fruit everyday, mostly raw and mostly organic (especially apples, strawberries, cucumbers, celery, peaches, etc. As they have high amounts of pesti/herbicides). Low on grains, but the seeds, nuts, grains you do eat should be soaked, sprouted, or fermented. If you eat dairy, it should be non-pasteurized and raw and organic. Meats should be organic. Including fermented foods is good, and/or probiotic supplements. Also a natural multi-vit/mineral, as well as an omega 3 supplement. Avoid refined sugar, processed flours, hydrogenated oils, and overall any processed foods. Steaming vegetables is the best way to cook them, and oils should generally not be cooked with. Not that oils are bad, but heating them is. Don’t overcook meat, or anything for that matter.

I could write a million words getting more specific, but that’s a guideline you can look into more. It’s hard because corporations and media make it sound so easy. Stay away from red meat, wrong. Whole Grains good, not so right. Eating the least amount of processed is the best. It’s complicated because processed means so much. Meat isn’t bad for you, it’s the way meat is made. Injecting hormones, antibiotics, feeding them unnatural diets of corn and grains, fattening them up, etc. Pasture raised, organic meat is good for you and part of healthy human societies.

If you are 14, your period will change and change until you are done growing. Don’t worry about it being longer or shorter or early or late until you are completely done growing. You should also not be losing weight at all unless you are seriously overweight (it doesn’t sound like that’s the case) so don’t worry about that.

What you are experiencing can be pms… bloating, migraines (btw if you get migraines with visual symptoms you should see a neurologist , if they’re just really bad headaches it could be pms) gas, all of these things could be pms if they occur the week or so before your period. It stinks. Ask your mom to buy you some pms medicine.

If you really feel sick everyday, you should go to the doctor. But some of the things you are describing sound normal, espeically feeling tired and weak in the morning (are you sleeping enough?)and if you eat and it goes away you’re probably just hungry!! Try making sure you are eating healthy and eating enough to maintain your growing body and see if you feel better. If you don’t, then go see a doc. You are growing, and your body needs lots of energy to maintain growing and changing. If your mom has thyroid issues it is worth getting checked, that could be the cause as well.