I could be totally wrong, but … environment, inequity, justice, action, and the future electricity tattoo designs


When we burn anything (except Hydrogen, I suppose; burning Hydrogen simply gives us heat, and water), usually Carbon-based material: Wood, Coal, Gasoline, Peat, Natural Gas, Propane, Paper, Cardboard; Carbon Dioxide is released, together with smoke and soot and other crap. That directly contributes heat, and also contributes to the Greenhouse Effect, because of the release of more Carbon Dioxide. So, as somebody described it, the most powerful thing that could counteract this steady, brutal process of Carbon Dioxide release is: Carbon Trapping. We want to capture the carbon dioxide, and keep o gastronomo it imprisoned harmlessly. What does trapped carbon look like? Wood, petroleum, plastic, natural gas. It is inactive, not reflecting heat back into the earth. But when this stuff is dug up and burned, we do two things: we release the list of electricity usage by appliances heat, and we increase the efficiency of the Carbon Dioxide greenhouse, which keeps the heat here, instead of allowing it to radiate out into space. To summarize, we need to trap the Carbon Dioxide, and prevent it from getting into the atmosphere.

Now, Businesses depend on transport. Crucially. When they hear: Global Warming, they think: These fellows are trying to raise the price of gasoline. Well, it’s true; raising the price of gas was the go-to method for discouraging the use of gasoline. If you study the statistics, you can see a strong correlation between times when gasoline was cheap and plentiful, and business was good. Politically, it is a bad ogasco abu dhabi move to raise the price of gas, because employees need to have gas, to get to work; trucks need to have gas to bring goods and supplies, and everybody needs to have gas, so that they can drive to places to have Fun, and blow their savings. That’s good for business. So when they think about the environment, they think about gas prices and they think: RESIST. This is why Trump got elected, because the business world recognized someone who would not be swayed by environmental considerations, and keep the gas supply flowing by hook or by crook . As you can see, from the point of view of Business, dealing with Planetary Warming is pure poison. Business, therefore, blasts us with a relentless stream of propaganda that insists that Warming is a fairy tale, for the simple reason that freely-flowing gasoline supplies is logically good for Business, and have historically been correlated with good times for Business.

Probably not. With 21 st-Century Science, and with mass psychology so heavily influenced by business interests, it is hopeless. The younger generation, which has lived with environmental prophets since their birth, has a sense for the urgency of the problem, and the Trump Administration’s unbelievably clumsy attempts to discredit the Press and the Media, (despite the Media’s equally unbelievably clumsy attempts to fight back!). But despite the feeling of urgency the gas utility Millennials have, for trying to fix Warming, there’s too much resistance from Business. The minute a leader emerges, such as Bernie Sanders, or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Business deploys its armies of Orcs, to discredit them, and grind them into the dust. Additionally, the folk who just love to drive around in enormous vehicles for fun, equate Warming with party-pooping. To get going on slowing down Warming, we will have to take austerity measures. Conservatives have presented austerity as something The Poor p gaskell have to do: give up food, give up shelter, give up Medicare, etc. But, pound for pound, The Rich contribute more heavily to Warming than the poor. Public Transport will have to replace personal transport, something we spoiled Americans hate with a passion. Unless all of us can persuade our rich friends and neighbors that bus and train travel is fun, public sentiment will be against any steps toward minimizing austerity measures directed at slowing down Warming. As you can see, reversing warming is very unlikely to happen.

[Note: Now, don’t get too excited, but I wonder whether anyone has thought about one way of offsetting the Greenhouse Effect, that is: placing a thinly distributed layer of highly-reflective crystals or dust in the air, to reflect the Sun’s heat away from the earth. If the amount of radiation coming in is reduced, the heat should not build up. I think the problem with this approach is that it could what are the 4 gas giants in the solar system get out of control, and actually prevent trees from photosynthesis, and result in a catastrophe. (Photosynthesis, of course, is desirable; in fact, it is essential. ) This is a dangerous game to play.]

*Normally, when we put a hot object on a table, it cools through three processes: Conduction, through the table surface; Convection, by heating up the air, which then flows away gas national average 2009; and Radiation, which is Infra-Red rays that go out in straight lines to hit the walls and ceiling, and whatever else is in their way. In the case of the earth, the heat goes out mostly by Radiation, which means that the heat goes up as Infra-Red rays, and hits the Carbon Dioxide in the upper atmosphere, and is re-radiated back, as described above. I apologize in advance if I have misunderstood the mechanism, and misinformed my readers!