I love my husband…but kim gravel hp gas online registration


My husband and I are total opposites, perfectly paired and we go together like peas and carrots. I would even dare to say soul mates. gas in oil mower I love my husband BUT…. to quote the legend Tina Turner “what’s love got to do with it”? To be honest he drives me nutty. I’m not a naturally domestic person. I have learned to enjoy it (sometimes) but cooking and making sure the men in my life have what they need is something I’ve had to work at. I cook almost every evening and it is a huge challenge as to what to make for dinner night after night. To come up with interesting, good tasting, relatively healthy dinner options are tough. Do you feel my pain? To add even more complication to the mix, my husband has been a vegetarian for 27 years. He hasn’t eaten any meat for 27 years! Now before you go and get all impressed with his disciplined eating habits, let me add that he doesn’t like most vegetables and fruits either. I mean he doesn’t even like macaroni and cheese. So a better description of him is “the pickiest in all of history vegetarian”. gas problem in babies So two days ago I ask “what would you like for dinner honey” and he answered his usual, “I don’t care, I’m flex, BUT by the way I’m on a low carb diet so no carbs”. Y’all I lost it! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I mean if you don’t eat meat OR carbs, and you don’t like most veggies, what is left?! So now I’m on the hunt for vegetarian low carb meal options that’s easy to make, in addition to cooking for my 2 growing boys who are carnivores. So Travis not eating meat and no carbs is causing me to stress eat chocolate and bread. Bread, bread I love bread J. I’m telling you being a wife, mom and a woman is the toughest job on the planet!

Well, sorry Kim my story is not a food story, but is just about as frustrating. We own 2 cars, the good car and the “other” car. I drive the good car most of the time, but if he takes, he is supposed to gas it up if takes it. Well, Wednesday he went to go out with the guys, which is great, but I decided to stay home and catch up on my DVR shows. 4 gas giants I thought he took the other car. When he got home I was asleep and in the morning he left to travel to work into the city (Boston). That’s why he takes the crap car. I had to drive North to Billerica for a job interview. thitima electricity sound effect I always give myself extra time when I am not sure where I am going. Plus, I wanted to stop at Starbucks for coffee because I had no time to make it. So, I was walking to the car, got in and started it and I looked at the gas gauge and guess what, “NO GAS”. I didn’t know he took the car, let alone didn’t fill up the tank. Thank goodness I had extra time, but this is typical him. I called after the interview and asked him, and he said, “oh my gosh honey I am so sorry, did you make it. Kim, Massachusetts had a rain Nor’easter today. gas chamber jokes It was pouring buckets. I told him he should thank the good Lord and everybody else that was looking out for him today that I had enough gas to find a full service station. So yes, I love my husband……but.

Every Monday night my mature, senior citizen husband turns into a 10 year old He flops into the recliner, grabs the remote and channels up and down untill he finds WWE,… WORLD WRESTLING ENTERAINMENT! That’s the show where 7 foot tall, 450 lb. men wearing tights that wouldn’t fit a Barbie Doll bounces around in a wrestling ring, beating themselves on their chest challenging 15 other funny looking guys in a “DEATH MATCH!” And if their wordrobe isn’t silly enough, they’ve all got goofy names like; The Big Show, or The Undertaker, Gold Dust and The Rock. They take turns at who is going to be the good guys versus the bad guy, so of course the bad guys sneak behind the obvious blind refere’s back to throw down “The Hammer” or inflict the intense pain of the “Stun Bun” to the motionless wrestler laying on the ring floor. I gently try to tell my husband that it’s all fake, they are actors and should one of them accidently get a scratch or bloody nose they play it up to the hilt. His reply is; Yeah,… I know,… “DID YOU SEE THAT??” “ROCK!!! LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!”

Haha! Where do I begin? I love my husband of almost 4 years BUT…leaving a trail of your clothes along the floor that lead to the bathroom as you shower after work drives me NUTS! I guess the two laundry baskets that are available in the vicinity aren’t enough. Oh, and don’t get me started on the daily struggle to help him remember or find where he put his wallet, keys, or shoes. The house isn’t that big…they didn’t just grow legs and walk away. If I want to be sassy I throw in the occasional, “If you would put them all in the same place every time we wouldn’t go through this every day.” I can’t even remember how many phones or ipad screens he’s replaced and I’ve come to the conclusion that he just can’t have nice things! Oh and one more thing…I’m not sure if he gets some thrill of leaving everything to last minute but for a person who is a type A personality and likes to plan things out in advance it drives me crazy. Anything from not making reservations for dinner making us wait an hour or so to be seated when one simple phone call could have been made to throwing some clothes into a suitcase and shoving it all into the car for our road trip. Nonetheless I still love his as I’m sure there are things I do that drive him crazy as well.

Ms. q gastrobar Kim…I do love watching Kim of Queens, however….Deb/Haanah and Eunice…if they know so much then why bring their daughters to the Pageant Place?…ok, so now I got off track….I love my husband, but, he’s not my husband…he’s somebody else’s…NOOOOOT!!!! lol…he is my boyfriend of three years…never complains about what I cook or when, always eats every bite and I get a nice big kiss and a thank you after the meal is over….BUT, and yes, there is always a but….he has a tendency to sleep walk sometimes especially when I wake him up in the middle of the night…well, this is how my story began….we have a dog, a wee dog, a tiny dog, a loud mouth sack of wind that makes me hotter than a hog in heat sometimes….anyway, this dog annoyed me to the point that he was put outside last winter to spend the night with …the outside dogs so that he would appreciate the fact that he sleeps inside….well, about 2:30 am, this dog is still yapping in the backyard…it’s closed in so the dogs can run loose…I woke jerry up and told him to go get that little yapper so our neighbors could sleep…after 20 minutes of pushing his butt out of bed, he finally motivated himself to the backdoor…the next thing I heard was, “COME HERE BOY, COME ON HERE BOY COME ON”…now mind you, the dog is probably 8 inches tall at most, and there is a 7 foot high fence and gate keeping him in the back yard….so, I had to get up, drag jerry back into the house….before the neighbors saw him in his tidy whiteys standing on a deck yelling for a dog who would never come…I guided him back in the door and went out to get the yapper myself….I figured, shoot, he’s half asleep, he’ll wander around the utility room aimlessly until I get back with the dog…NOOOOT…when I got back in the house, I started in to go back to bed, and couldn’t find jerry anywhere….I also have a son, by the way…he’s 14 and can sleep through an atomic bomb going off in his ear….anyhoo….I could hear laughter coming from my sons room and figured he was having one heck of a dream….so, curiosity killed many a cat and almost done me in that night….I turned on his light and he was sitting straight up in his bed, laughing hysterically…when I asked him where jerry was, he told me to look out on the front porch….I opened the door and it’s a wonder some homeless person hadn’t called the police on us…jerry was wandering aimlessly about on the front porch, still calling for the dog, and yes, still in his underwear…my son, had guided him to the front door and opened it up and helped him outside….I finally got him back in the house and back in bed with an electric blanket….I forgot to mention it was -4 degrees outside with a wind chill of -15…next day?…he didn’t remember a thing……

Drain/rinse beans, put in a large pot, put in 3x more water than beans. Add bay leaves, 2/3 cup olive oil. bring to a boil, turn down to medium high (so it’s still bubbling, but won’t boil over). Half cover with a lid and let it bubble away til half the water is gone. electricity electricity lyrics I usually use a potato masher to smush up some of the beans at that point so it’s extra creamy. In another pan on medium high, put in 1/3 cup olive oil, let it heat up, then throw in the garlic and the red pepper flakes. Take it off the heat immediately so it doesn’t burn, swirl it around a few times til the garlic begins to turn slightly golden (yeah, have the fan on for this- aerosolized chili oil is not fun!), then dump it into the pot of beans (it should sizzle like a deep fried turkey). Then throw in your croutons, give it a good stir and turn it down to low for like 10 minutes while you’re setting the table. It’s supposed to be thick and creamy, with a few whole beans and chunks of bread. Give it a good shake of seasoned salt, serve it out and drizzle a little more olive oil on it.