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I try to come here at least twice a year. I used the valet for $15 per day because I was getting over a cold electricity voltage in china and it’s a long walk from the parking lot. I checked in at 7:30 pm with no wait. I was upgraded to a room with a fireplace at no cost. The room was very clean. The toiletries are nice and they come in bags instead of bottles. The bottles save plastic. The room included a microwave and refrigerator. We always use this for breakfast to save money. The food is moderately priced for many things. If you’re careful, you won’t spend copious amounts of money on food. I ordered a bbq pulled pork gas bubbler sandwich and fries that were large portions for $8. With that said, I brought my souvenir cup to the bar in the adult hot tub and it was $20 plus tip to fill it with an alcoholic beverage. The only complaint I have is that the workers aren’t always diligent about picking up trash around the water park. There was a lot of trash around the hot tub and someone was in there smoking. Other than that, I had a great time. I didn’t use the arcade this time gas stoichiometry examples, but it is huge and so much fun! More Show less

Upon entering the pool facility my eyes instantly began burning due to the heavily chlorinated air. 5/5 family members are experiencing issues: 11 year old boy has a skin rash and burning eyes, 10 year old girl with severe skin rash/burning skin and cough/burning eyes, 3 year old daughter is vomiting, 30 year old female with eyes burning, 37 year old male experiencing nausea, cough, burning eyes gas cap code, and breathing difficulties. It is like entering a chlorinated gas chamber and you don’t have to take my word for it, just pay them a visit sometime. We came prepared for the possibility of skin rashes because this isn’t our first time around at these indoor water parks, but Kalahari was over-the-top saturated with pool chemicals. I understand that chlorine is a cheap and easy way to get the job done, but they really could do a better job balancing their water. I understand that the more people that enter the pool the more the water changes, which is why they keep the chlorine jacked up. Again… They could do better. The EMTs give the typical water park industry response la gas prices to these issues. They won’t tell you that they push the boundaries with chlorine levels. However, it doesn’t take a genius to realize there is a problem. I suggest that you take breaks throughout the day from the water park. Shower before and after you use the pool. Bring a gas is compressed at a constant pressure of hydrocortisone cream in case someone gets a rash. Drink water to stay hydrated! Tell your kids not to swallow the pool water. And pay extra attention to the little ones pool exposure time. Now how about those on-site food prices! They are taxing for sure! Don’t feel bad about not tipping everybody, because they will all give you z gastroenterol the option. There is a Meijer store 5 minutes away, and spending $50 there can save you $100 in total food expense. It is especially worth it to satisfy hunger and thirst in-between meals. These trips usually start off great but after being taxed all day by chemicals and food prices, attitudes can change. So be smart, have a plan, and then execute. You may not think you need a shower, or a nap, or a bottle of water, or lotion, or a break from the gas chamber…. But you may save you and your family a lot of misery if you take proper precautions. You do not need electricity physics ppt to spend a bunch of extra money to have fun here, but good luck. The park IS cool, the rides ARE fun, the staff IS great, the kids will have fun. Be prepared, take precautions, watch your kids. I hope you all enjoy your ENTIRE stay P.S. I am a current guest 11/25-11/27