I’m done. leaving…… for an exploration journey. gas stoichiometry worksheet answers


Anyway, after reaching the highest ranks with Empire and Federal navies I started to make money to support my future outfitting spendings. Cutter is a bottomless piggy bank. Running data delivery turned boring fast and I’m terrible at making large amounts of money in short time. So I re-evaluated my med term goals, made slight alterations and here I am.

Originally I wanted to to visit Colonia/Beagle Point in Cutter. But being about 300M short it would take some time to even start that. Instead I outfitted my iClipper for exploration, picked some star about 5k LYs south and hit the void. Recent patches stated that beigeficiation is no more so I wished to experience it myself. Oh, and btw – it isn’t proper exploration journey, more like sight seeing. I want to see places, change destination on a whim without any real target in mind.

I called that one "ugly duckling", after scanning panel stated it’s a gas giant (surprisingly, right) with a water-based. Don’t know "water-based" what but I bet it must be something nice. Panel was lacking the space to spill out rest of the info. I guess I’ll die ignorant.

After uploading my journal to EDSM I figured out that I made almost 2k LYs (80 LYs short). I must be approaching outer rims since sky is somewhat starless. Oh – and I’m about half way through my initial destination. I set it to be 5k LYs which translated into 137 jumps. Now it’s just 68. Dunno if I’ll continue today (IRL issues) but I consider going above or below that galaxy plane. I made about 70 jumps, ~40 LYs each (~2.8k LYs distance) and I found just 2 undiscovered systems. Two! Rest is not only tagged but explored. I must’ve picked rather popular route. Flying to Sag*A I entered virgin space about 1k-2k LYs from the bubble. Here I’m nearly 3k and all I see are CMDRs tags.

Comparing to my previous journey I must say planetary surface variety is greater. Sure – there are rocky/icy bodies that look like made from one form but I noticed greater color variation. I’m hunting for a ringed ELW cos I don’t think I discovered one. Speaking of ELW – I’m yet to find one, I wonder if recent changes apply to them as well. Earlier they all looked the same – small islands with tropical storms all over the place. I’d like to find more continent based surface. Well, time and luck will tell.

Thanks for the heads up. I was considering California Nebula as my primary target but dropped it in favor of going just straight south. Tho I may sidetrack a bit on my way back. Those two asteroid bases are precious directions – I’m eager to visit those since I first heard of them. Somehow been too lazy to actually check their location. You just saved me some time searching.

– Anaconda, which on paper can achieve 60-65 LYs. 65 is somewhat out of my range since it involves Engineers that are currently locked for me. But that 60 LYs is tempting, considering I want to join 65k LYs club. I did SAG*A journey in a 42 LYs Asp (tho av jump range was ~38-40) so having 60 LY Anaconda would mean 55-58 jumps. That’a about 50% more, roughly compared to what I got from Coriolis and Cutter.

Anyway, right now I’m enjoying southern parts of the Galaxy, scanning some things and silently wishing for big phat discovery pay check upon return. Good thing weekend is on the horizon so you can expect more photos from the journey. Let’s just hope there will be something picture worthy.