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Ever since I was 11, I’ve had some kind of pain everyday. Whether it be that my back hurts, my ear, my arms, or I’m just mentally exhausted. I’ve never felt good or comfortable. I have CHRONIC acid reflux, kyphosis, I’m CONSTANTLY sick with colds, flus, infections, ect. My joints, muscles, and bones always hurt. I sleep 13+ hours a day. I’m always in a bad mood. Always depressed. I don’t get my period (Every 7+ months if that), and I’m getting that looked into. I was told that I have an adrenal body type, I don’t really know if that’s related. Anyway, I put on a MASSIVE amount of weight in the past year. I have no motivation or energy and I’m NOT depressed. I’m just sluggish, so, so, SO tired all the time. I can’t even go anywhere without getting or feeling sick or in pain. I’ll just get dizzy out of nowhere. I’ll get so tired. If I don’t eat sugar, I feel like I’m going to pass out. I’ve had my thyroid tested. I’ve been checked for diabetes. My whole metabolic whatever has been tested in my blood. Everything looks fine. I’ve been in the hospital very many times in my life with chronic infections and such. I have no insurance whatsoever and no money. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I’m 18 now. It’s been years since I felt ok. Even as a little kid, I was sick often with ear infections, or general pain. I’m miserable. I’ve yo-yo dieted in the past. Lost 70 pounds and gained it all back. I only eat 1500 calories a day, but I can’t lose weight. That’s not even a concern right now because I have absolutely no energy to get up and take a crap let alone exercise. I’m always in bed. I’m 187 lbs at 5’4". My blood pressure is actually always lower than average. My hands are stiff all the time. I can hardly open my fingers. My body is stiff. UGH. I’m sorry. I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m complaining, but this has been my life for years and I don’t know why. It’s made me into such a bitter, miserable, and angry person. I don’t even talk to people anymore. I can’t stand being awake. I just want to know what the hell is wrong with me. After several (expensive blood tests), all they found was that my DHEA-sulfate level is very high. My MCH is low. My red blood cells are pale and lacking oxygen or something and that’s as far as I got. 900 dollars later….

Anything from fungus spores, radon gas, methane, carbon monoxide, food additives or chemicals in your drinking water to vapours emitted from carpets, fabrics or paints can cause such severe reactions to some people while an average person remains unaffected.

There have been reports of strong magnetic fields affecting some people and making them very ill with multiple and miscellaneous complaints. Power lines, transformers, radio masts and so forth have been accused. Other than there being a slightly higher incidence of these things around power lines documentary proof is negligible but that doesn’t stop people going to great lengths avoiding such things even to the extent of avoiding electricity altogether and living a relatively primitive lifestyle and claiming great health benefits for themselves.

While fluorescent lighting is documented as causing health problems to a very few people while ordinary tungsten filament lighting does not, this very fact does tend to support the beliefs of those who will only use oil lamps and candles, though I am sure low powered direct current lighting and radios pose little danger as they emit little radiation.

There have been some documented "miracle cures" that have been attributed to a sufferer adopting a primitive diet. A few years ago a newspaper reported a man who was so ill he needed a rest half way along his own garden path. The medics tried to fill him with pills and potions but those seemed to make things worse.