I really hate men. how can i change that – quora gas vs electric dryer


• You might try travel to a few other countries that are likely to have cultures very different from what you are used to. The men there will have been acculturated differently, and you might find that you end up sympathetic with how horribly the men are raised where you are familiar with them—in comparison to these other places.

• You might try to improve your own health and well-being, and that can sometimes help a person to change some of their perceptions. If you’re not getting a lot of exercise… then plan on doing that and getting very fit. If your diet is not so good, then maybe try out a better diet. If you smoke or drink or take other drugs or abuse foods… then plan on very gently seeing how to recover from those.

• Consider that men are raised almost exclusively by women in their earliest and most vulnerable years… that is, during breast feeding mothers impart their attitudes onto their children. Consider how their mothering might have been done better, so that the current outcome might be better. Find some joy in knowing that even the hateful men you know were once loved by their mothers. Try to imagine what might have gone wrong.

• Consider that the male gender biologically is a modification of the female gender. For example, male heredity is based on an XY chromosome (i.e. one modified from the standard of XX). Thus men are likely to need some help, since they are missing out on something. Nature plays such tricks for a reason, namely improved outcomes for offspring, and as an experiment of Nature, no one really is to blame. It’s just the mystery of Nature playing tricks. Try to get curious as to what some evolutionary benefits might have existed to create the male gender, and men. Realizing that the male gender might have some use in evolution might help you to find some sympathy for men. So search out some positive qualities that men have.

• Finally, make sure to take good care of yourself in all that you do. It’s courageous to ask this kind of question, and the only way you’ll reach your goal is through loving yourself. Be good to yourself, and congratulate yourself for coming so far.

Get a journal. Make time over days or months to write a page or a chapter that’s a deep reflection of every time you can recall an instance where you felt yourself a victim of a man. Most of what you’re looking for is the feelings and thoughts that each event triggered in you. While you’re doing this, focus on you and your feelings rather than judging, blaming, or hating your perpetrator and his actions.

You’ll find that this process of intensive journaling will be therapeutic. Chances are you’ll learn something about yourself in the process (if you don’t, then you didn’t go deep enough with your reflection and writing. What did you leave out about the feelings you experienced?).

I hate durian. It’s a fruit that grows in SE Asia that has a pungent odor you can smell a block away. Some of my friends rave about it, as if it were a fine wine. But I won’t get close enough to try it, because its odor is as strong as a skunk.

Forgiveness is letting yourself off the hook for the stories you’ve made up about how you were victimized. You see, your hatred has no effect on your so-called perpetrators. They’re going about life just fine, thank you. It’s you who has been burdened by your thoughts – not them. Carrying hatred around is like drinking poison and hoping your perpetrator will die.

You can go through life as either a victim or a victor. You hate men because you’ve been seeing yourself as a victim. If you diligently follow the steps I’ve suggested here, you will not only become a victor, but you’ll have discovered some valuable tools to recover from the next time you feel victimized. These will serve you well throughout the rest of your life.

You sound as if you have realised that men do not fit into the picture you had of them. Are they a disappointment? I have tomsaymthat I get on vwry well with men but then I grew up around them and had veey few girlfriends. I preferred mens company for a long time. Today I dont care much for them at all. I am disappointed by them over and over. Today, (at 67) I love women’s company much more than I ever enjoyed men’s. In fact, my dislike for men is such that I have been celibate for 11 years now and have refused every offer I received, be it for tea, a day out, an evening out, whatever. I don’t need them.

There is no need to hate men. Hate only destroys you, the hater, so let me try and help you here. You’ve already been let down by men, I don’t want you to be damaged by them. (I clearly was damaged by them). The thing to do with men is KEEP IT LIGHT. I learned this too late in life. Remember that it is your choice as to what happens with a man. Make sure you are not being manipulated by being clear with them what you will and will not accept. Be sincere. Keep your relationships light. Do not go to bed with them. I mean it. Don’t. We live in a world which is too free and sex is just that. Respect men from now onwards. They will treat you the same way in return. Know that if you lay yourself open for exploitation that men will take advantage of you. So, don’t let it happen. Be more clever in your dealings with men. Most of them are driven by sex. Dont be too friendly because for them that is a come on. Just be respectful and have a happy, light hearted approach towards them. Save your sex life for someone you really like after having known him for a long time. It is a bit like dogem cars. Dodge the trouble that comes with men. They are born/programmed to procreate and that is what they are going to do.