Ian clark’s smackdown before ss ’18 recap – daniel bryan did what ! gas in back


AJ Styles hits the ring. "This Sunday, at Survivor Series, for the second year in a row, I step foot in the ring with Brock Lesnar. For 371 days, to be exact, I have defended this WWE Championship against the best that sports entertainment has to offer. Every PPV, every live event, I have been the workhorse ever since I got here! I’ve had dream opponents who have tested my limits, and I’ve had nightmare opponents who have threatened my family. la gastritis And I’ve beaten them all, except Brock Lesnar. I have a second chance. Most don’t survive their first. But I intend to do more than survive–"

Heyman: "Ladies and gentlemen (etc.) Brock Lesnar! I’m here, because last night, on Raw, the premiere show, I told you that there is no one, no one, that Brock Lesnar wants to face more than you, AJ Styles. And the reason is because, when you think about the greatest in-ring performers in World Wrestling Entertainment history, we’re talking about Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, and you. Almost as good as #1, Daniel Bryan. electricity usage calculator kwh Now, we know we’re never going to see Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan, but you are no consolation prize. This Sunday, my client will step into the ring with the second-greatest in-ring performer in history, AJ Styles!"

"I see what you’re trying to do. And I have nothing but respect for Daniel Bryan, I always have. But I not only beat him, I tapped him out. Now, I remember what happened last year, I walked out on my own two feet, and Brock Lesnar may have walked out with a victory– did I say walked? He limped out. For the past 371 days, I’ve become better at tapping people out, while Brock Lesnar has become more vulnerable to tapping out. gas hydrates are used I’ve got two ways of beating him: pinning his shoulders to the mat, or tapping him out. electricity history united states This Sunday, it won’t be about Brock Lesnar, it won’t be about Daniel Bryan, it’ll be about the face that runs the place, the champ that runs the camp, the phenomenal, AJ Styles!"

Daniel Bryan comes out. "Ahem. I’m not even sure why you guys are talking about me. I do remember our WWE Championship match, thanks for bringing that up. And I do remember you tapping me out, I can accept that, thanks for bringing that up. But I also remember telling you before the match that I was looking for a reason to punch you in the face, and I meant that. Bring up my name for no reason again, and I will punch you in the face. Thank you, and goodnight."

Back on air, Hardy with an inverted atomic drop, double leg, leg drop, dropkick for two, Twist of Fate, blocked, Jeff with an elbow, goes up top, Almas crotches him, tree of woe, double foot stomp from the top for two, kick, running double knees, Hardy with a rollup for two, Almas with a kick, Hardy with a Twist of Fate, blocked, Almas with a back elbow, hammerlock DDT, blocked, Hardy hits a Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb for three.

Miz with a rollup for one, boot, snapmare, backslide for two, rollup, Rey reverses into a kick, misses, Miz with a rollup, Rey rolls through, staredown, Miz misses a clothesline, Rey with an elbow, whip, reversed, Rey with a bulldog for two, kick, Miz with a shove, Rey with a kick to the face, Miz with a clothesline for two, chinlock, Rey with elbows, Miz with a punch, whip, Rey with a hurricanrana to the outside, kick, baseball suicide dive, Miz blocks with knees, commercial.

Back on air, Rey blocks a superplex with punches, headbutt, more punches, Miz falls, Rey with a seated senton, Miz with a rollup, Rey rolls through, kick to the face for two, whip, reversed, Rey misses a springboard crossbody, Miz hits a kneeling DDT for two, slingshot powerbomb for two, misses a running big boot, Rey with a kick to the gut, wheelbarrow bulldog, reversed into a Skull Crushing Finale, reversed into a head scissors into the bottom rope, 619, drops the dime, Miz with knees for two, Rey with a backslide for three.

Becky: "Thank you. Thank you guys. I am angry as hell right now, because I took a good beating last night, but that’s never stopped me before. electricity and circuits class 6 pdf Unfortunately, the medical team will not clear me to fight on Sunday. So I’ve been angrily knocking on doors all day hoping someone would let me fight, but I’ve run out of time. I got a taste of blood when I beat up half the Raw women’s roster last night. I put Ronda in the Disarmer, and don’t get me wrong, even with a concussion and a broken face, I could still kick Ronnie’s arse. I’m sorry that I can’t finish what I started. Yet. electricity deregulation in california Because Ronda, you’re not the baddest woman on the planet, you’re the luckiest. So now it’s up to me to pick my replacement for Survivor Series. Someone I know can get the job done."

Sheamus and Kofi start off, Sheamus with a side headlock, shoulder tackle, Kofi with a rollup for two, kick, Woods in, strike combo with Kofi, E in, splash for two, Woods in, punch, arm wrench, Sheamus with a boot, Cesaro in, Woods with a spin kick, whip, reversed, Woods with a boot, Honour Roll, blocked, Cesaro tosses Woods into the corner, Show in, chop, another, hip check, another, a third, chop, commercial.

Back on air, Woods is punching away at Sheamus, Cesaro in, boots Kofi, double team backbreaker for two, as E breaks the count, Sheamus boots him to the floor, Show tosses E into the barricade, Woods with a punch to Cesaro, punches Sheamus, punches Cesaro, Sheamus in, bicycle knee in the corner, superplex, blocked, Sheamus with a chop to the back, Woods with punches, missile dropkick, Cesaro in, Kofi in, clothesline, punch for Sheamus, pair of clotheslines for Cesaro, dropkick, Cesaro hits a European uppercut, Kofi hits a swing kick in the corner, top rope crossbody for two as Sheamus breaks the count, tosses E to the apron, Brogue Kick, Show punches Woods, tosses him into the ring post, Kofi hits Sheamus with Trouble in Paradise, Cesaro with a rollup for two, Kofi with an SOS for two, Trouble in Paradise, blocked, Woods in, Cesaro with a catapult, Kofi lands on the top rope, springboard, Show catches him with a punch for three.

Back on air, Bryan is punching AJ in the corner, kicks, AJ reverses one kick, stomp to the knee, stomps to the leg, Bryan with an enziguri, charge, AJ with a kick, goes up top, Bryan knocks him to the floor, throws AJ into the ring post, throws him into the adjacent ring post, rolls him into the ring, arm breaker, shoulder breakers, kick to the face for two, stomp, kick to the back for two, arm wrench, AJ with a forearm, another, trading forearms, Bryan misses a punch, AJ with mixed strikes, clothesline in the corner, whip, Bryan floats over, clutches the knee, mutual crossbody, commercial.

Back on air, Bryan with a running dropkick in the corner, top rope hurricanrana, cover for two, goes up top, AJ with punches, Bryan with forearms, AJ with a Pele kick, super hurricanrana, Bryan blocks by sliding through, catching AJ in a tree of woe, roundhouse kicks, running dropkick, back superplex for two, Yes Kicks, misses the last one, AJ rolls into a Styles Clash, blocked with a boot to the head, European uppercut, AJ responds in kind, top rope, winces, Bryan catches him in an electric chair, AJ with punches, reverses the electric chair into a rollup for two, punches, heads to the apron, springboard 450, Bryan blocks with knees, into the Yes Lock, AJ struggles, feigns tapping, gets the rope, Bryan calls for a running high knee, Styles blocks with a dropkick to the knee, rolls into the Calf Crusher, Bryan rolls into an armbar, transitions into the Yes Lock, AJ rolls into a rollup, transitions to a catapult, Bryan presses AJ to the apron, AJ with a forearm, Phenomenal Forearm, misses and nearly hits the ref, Bryan with a low blow, running knee, COVERS FOR THREE!