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Nonprofit organizations everywhere rely on volunteers to make everything possible. Here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, there are numerous ways to volunteer in the community. gas mask ark For many volunteers, their love for animals draws them toward helping one of the many reputable organizations nearby. Even a couple spare hours each week could mean all the difference to the animals in need.

Through the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County , you can volunteer at their main location on Millersville Road, or several offsite adoption centers. Routinely, the Pet Pantry needs help with cleaning, feeding, customer service, laundry, distribution, and community events. For those willing to accept more responsibility, the Pet Pantry also has a foster program, where you can accept an animal into your home for a specified timeframe.

If volunteering with small animals isn’t for you, you might consider a volunteer opportunity at the Wolf Sanctuary of PA . electricity bill bihar electricity board Located on 80 acres of land near Lititz, the sanctuary offers refuge to wolves who no longer have a place in the natural world. gas variables pogil key The sanctuary has grown into an educational facility, dedicated to providing the best life for the wolves. To volunteer, you must first attend one tour and be 18 or older. Volunteers are scheduled on an “as-needed” basis, and are especially appreciated on weekends of special events and Full Moon Tours.

ORCA, or the Organization for Responsible Care of Animals , is located on East Orange Street in Lancaster. wd gaster They respond to emergencies 24/7, helping emergency personnel with animal-related situations. Whether you only have a few hours a month or time each week, you could be an operator for the animal-alert hotline and answer calls from the comfort of your own home. If you’d like to dedicate more time, you could join ORCA’s foster care program for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, etc. Another opportunity to volunteer is at ORCA’s fundraising events, held throughout the year.

Ian Ruzow is a committed member of his community as well as a successful entrepreneur. gas x strips after gastric sleeve Ian has found that the best success has come by developing projects within the city he grew up in, as they have been extremely rewarding and impactful. Living and working in Lancaster, PA, Ian Ruzow was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is likely most well known for his work as COO of Clipper Magazine, a company that he founded with three of his college friends. Now that he has found his passion, Ian is happy to not only help the community around him thrive, but to give back as well.

Ian Ruzow has a deep love for his community. He has spent the entirety of his career committed to creating experiences for his fellow community members to be proud of. After he and his business partners sold their ownership of Clipper Magazine to Gannett Co., they decided to take on a new venture in real estate development as part of Lancaster, PA’s booming real estate division. o gastronomico Ian Ruzow, along with Bob Zuckerman, Rob Liss, and Steve Zuckerman- the original founders of Clipper Magazine- partnered with Michael J. O’brien and Eric Scott to combine years of real estate development and local business development talent to take on the challenge of bringing rustic, industrial spaces to the area.