Ice age farmer building self-sufficient communities to thrive in the grand solar minimum gas laws worksheet answers chemistry


Seismic shifts in human consciousness actively happening — eyes and minds are opening all around, and conversations are happening, where there was before no receptivity! Record colds, record snows, global temps dropping. Yet the media flogs the dead horse of Global Warming and now publicly advances GEOENGINEERING. It will get stranger yet. And you must prepare.

This is not excusable by “humans’ global warming”. year 6 electricity unit As our sun has gone quiet, remarkably few sunspots lately, just as has happened in the past solar grand minima, we are experiencing the same changes in our climate: temperatures dropping, wandering jet stream, increased glaciation. This is actively happening now. And you must prepare. Modern agriculture can not–and is not–tolerating these changes.

It is for this reason that those who intend to use the “Climate Change” agenda to impose a totalitarian world government are escalating their rhetoric: Blaming nations and so calling to kill nationalists. m gasbuddy Ocasio Cortez–who’s like she’s going to be a real fun one to watch–just the latest recruit to join their chorus, takes the place of already discredited voices, and puts up a new version.

This. Is why. They are desperate. They are pointing at wildfires of their own creation, and screaming. DON’T YOU SEE THE GLOBAL WARMING? CAN’T YOU FEEL IT? With CA gov Jerry Brown insisting that he’ll make a believer out of you, no matter how many people have to die at the hands of their silent weapons, weather warfare. [clip] that is a pronouncement of war, folks. Against you. electricity and magnetism worksheets middle school And against the truth. These people are extremely dangerous, they will stop at nothing, and they are actively shutting off dissenting voices like mine to control the flow of information on the internet, just as they always in every other medium. Bitchute being the most recent example just yesterday, as paypal cuts them off for no good reason. I’d placed my videos on bitchute as an alternative to Youtube. But they are already cutting off its legs, even as they censor and add disclaimers to this information on the larger platforms.

WordPress has quietly begun removing blogs speaking about the Grand Solar Minimum. 2015 electricity prices This heralds a new era of absolute censorship of climate truth. Christian shares news of ongoing catastrophic crop losses, highly diseased crops in Ontario, and devastated apple orchards in Kashmir, India. As we collectively literally chew through our food stocks, we must each prepare, and start growing our own food. Start today.

After signing the PG&E bailout bill, Governor Moonbeam Brown has blamed “climate deniers” for the wildfires, and warned repeatedly THE FIRES WILL CONTINUE. As the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies and temperatures continue to drop, the Fabian socialist cryptocracy has no option but to wage a war on reality. They will engineer disasters, point at them, and blame global warming and “deniers.” Their weapons are silent. gas mask bong nfl Our weapon is information, and we must be loud – our lives depend on it.

PCs are shown to be produced by magnetic dipoles in inner and outer layers of the Sun, while the second pair of waves is assumed produced by quadruple magnetic sources and so on. 1 unit electricity cost in india The PC waves produced by a magnetic dipole and their summary curve were described analytically and shown to be closely related to the average sunspot number index used for description of solar activity. Based on this correlation, the summary curve was used for the prediction of long-term solar activity on a millennial timescale. This prediction revealed the presence of a grand cycle of 350-400 years, with a remarkable resemblance to the sunspot and terrestrial activity features reported in the past millennia: Maunder (grand) Minimum (1645-1715), Wolf (grand) minimum (1200), Oort (grand) minimum (1010-1050), Homer (grand) minimum (800-900 BC); the medieval (900-1200) warm period, Roman (400-10BC) and other warm periods.

This approach also predicts the modern grand minimum upcoming in 2020-2055. By utilising the two principal components of solar magnetic field oscillations and their summary curve, we extrapolate the solar activity backwards one hundred millennia and derive weaker oscillations with a period of 2000-2100years (a super-grand cycle) reflecting variations of magnetic field magnitude. The last super-grand minimum occurred during Maunder Minimum with magnetic field growing for 500 years (until ~2150) and decreasing for another 500 years. The most likely nature of this interaction will be discussed and used to explain long-term variations of solar magnetic field and irradiance observed from the Earth.