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You said gas quality comparison your most important question is generator type: – Diesel is ideal. Take a look at the dataplate on your average petrol generator and you’ll see they have high RPMs i.e. they move real fast. Diesel is more steady and varies between 1200 and 1800RPM whist Petrol will do 5100 on some models. Starting a high capacity motor like those found in compressors is like jump-starting a car. The effect (JERK BACKWARD) will be felt more on the higher speed generator. In effect, your walmart with a gas station near me petrol generator engine pistons will not last long used with compressors. Another allegory is cars versus trucks. Cars are light-weight and suited to petrol whist for heavier duty vehicles gas in babies, diesel is preferred. European/American Diesel machines are much stronger than Asian models. However, they cost an arm and a leg.

The most important issue is the design of the system. Some designs have inherent problems which impact negatively. Other machines utilize the cheapest of the cheap parts. Buy cheap, pay twice then becomes pay everyday since you lose capacity daily plus have repeated break-downs. After design come shade and ventilation, high humidity (wet humid e85 gas stations in houston air speeds up refridgeration), good quality electricity (a machine will do better at 240Volts than at 212Volts), etc.

What do you mean by 1/2 Compressor fridge for a 12 hour period? I use NEPA/Diesel so I can’t be precise about petrol anyway! Plus to answer your question, I’d need to know the HP and type of compressor e payment electricity bill maharashtra, size of condenser and the quantity of water you’re trying to freeze. Also, size (HP/KW/KVA) of generator and an idea of your ambient temp would help. Still, It’d just be an informed guess I’m giving.

I have just invested in an ice block making machine. I must confess that I was carried away by the advert for the machine. The initial production of the machine took almost 24hrs. I was horrified! Thereafter the situation did not improve as production continued to be unprofitable because electricity cost in california the machine settled to a constant 15-18hrs per production. I spent sleepless nights, worrisome daytimes, countless phone calls and visits to the manufacturers of the machine gas laws worksheet pdf in an attempt to find a solution to make the machine perform efficiently and make some profit. I was almost having hypertension!

I was very intrigued by the analysis posted by nuclearboy in July 2009, It has helped me to understand the energy requirement of my machine. Thank you. I am not yet seeing blue on my bank acct but the proper understanding of the business has lowered my blood pressure. There is indeed a truth in the saying of the Good Book, my people perish because of lack of knowledge.

I have browsed the internet for machines, there is a lot of stuff out there. Check electricity physics out this firm from South Africa. email I have also investigated some Nigerian companies who are into manufacturing e.g. Austen Laz in Benin, Powercool at Iyaganku in Ibadan, and several local fabricators. Their problem has been the tropicalisation of the machines.

The business of producing ice blocks is an industrial one, unless one is willing to correctly invest in it, the profit gas explosion will remain marginal. One of the posts I read where someone stated that he had 4 machines and was virtually smiling to the bank confirms my findings that to make a profit one needs to go into this business on a fairly large scale . Thus, the truth of the matter is not in controversies on the type, design and capacity gas stoichiometry lab of the machine produced in Nigeria but on how to run this business profitably. I hope my experience is of some help. Ciao.