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We did the so called Ice Queen Tour, which is promised in the website to last 2-3hs with 1h spend Inside the Cave. Pictures of The Tour indicated, that the Cave was huge, beautiful and almost empty. The reality was a big dissapointment. The Tour did last around 1,5h hours, and we spend around 10 minutes inside the Cave. The Cave itself was maybe hp gas online booking hyderabad 3m high and 15m long – you wouldn’t even need more than 10 minutes to explore it. It was crowded. It was not at all what thr pictures indicated. When the guide told us to meet outside gas and supply locations again after ten minutes, i thought we would go to the real cave now. But we were just driven back to the starting point. All in all, itwould have been a nice 30€ trip. But it did cost around 180€ and that price is just ridiculous. The advertisement is completely i gas shares wrong and deceptive. I felt just angry and disappointed. The diamond beach right next to the starting point is way more beautiful and exciting and for free. I would recommend just to go there and look at the glacier lake. A positive side is that we did get a partial refund after complaining( price was still way to high afterwards)and the drive to the cave is fun and exciting. More Show less

Dear DHR94, Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your experience. The cave is unfortunately not our property and since electricity labs for middle school it is located in the National Park other operators are allowed to use the cave as well. This natural ice cave was one of the most popular ice caves last winter and our pictures show why. This is however a natural ice cave and the conditions can change quite rapidly, so we cannot guarantee that you will see the cave in the exact same state as it was when we took the photos. The gas evolution reaction pictures we have on our website are taken this winter season and we are sorry to hear that you feel that our advertisement is wrong when we try to have our website always up to date with all information and new pictures. We are happy to hear that you did enjoy the drive up to the cave and that you r gas constant kj have already been in contact with us where you have already been offered, and have received, a compensation from us for the fact that you found the tour not living up to your expectations. Hope you have a good day, Freyja

Dear Steven B, Thank you for taking the time to leave this review, we appreciate all feedback to maintain and improve our service. We are very sorry to hear that you were gas key bolt carrier not happy with your experience with us. It is unfortunately true that we sometimes have to cancel tours last minute – this comes down to the fact that the weather in Iceland is notoriously fickle and can create difficult or even dangerous conditions for our tours. Our customers’ safety is our number one priority and we will not risk it under any circumstances, so we do cancel tours if the conditions are likely to be too b games unblocked adverse. Having a backup plan is therefore always a great idea in Iceland. If our customers want our help, we will also do our best to provide them with alternative suggestions – and of course all tours that are cancelled by us are refunded in full. Please do feel free to send our customer service team an email to if there is anything at all we can do to help you out in your situation. All the best, Larissa Customer Service