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My roommate and I were very excited to get laser hair removal so we searched for a bunch of place in Sarasota & Bradenton. We wanted to go to a place with reputation because it is our skin and health what we were going to deal with. After looking around we found an Ideal Image office in Bradenton, FL (the one on University Parkway). I was the first one to get an appointment so I showed up and met with Danielle, the sales rep. She pretty much sold me on the idea of signing a contract, which she never explained in detailed. She said so many good things about the company and their laser but she avoided main points in the contract and of course hidden charges. She even got me a loan for $5000 with Chase…I was never informed of that either. When I went to my first appointment, the laser specialist was rushing, didn’t care about doing it right and in detailed. Also, the laser damaged my skin. After this horrible experience, I decided to cancel the service but Ideal Image refused to do it. They even declined to reimburse me for the treatments I hadn’t even received yet. No matter what I said, they declined to send the money Chase paid in advanced for the treatments.

Due to their reluctance, I decided to file a formal complaint with Chase. Chase spoke with Ideal Image multiple times and at the end Ideal Image said that they will reimburse the money for the treatments I didn’t use. When I called Chase, they said that Ideal Image reimbursed everything but $680, which they claimed they charged me for the first treatment. I was very upset and faxed them copy of my contract, which stated my first treatment was only $187. Chase agreed with my claim; however, they said Ideal Image said that because I cancelled the contract I was not eligible for the discounts anymore so they decided to charge me full price. After dealing with Chase and Ideal Image for a month and a half I gave up and paid the balance in full. I have never been so disappointed and upset with a company as I was with Ideal Image. I will never recommend or even consider going back. I understand that Ideal Image is a franchise so every owner is different; however, Corporate should not let these kind of people run under the business name. I was scammed and now I have a horrible image of the company. Of course my roommate never went to her appointment…

@SadG I had a contract costing over $5000 for hair removal on my full legs and upper lip. The contract rep acted like the sale price was actually over but that she would call someone who could approve it. She called someone in another office who supposedly approved it. That person on the other end was actually probably laughing again at her co-employee (the contract rep) who had another "chump" in her office. SCAM all the way. My impression is that they pull that act on a regular basis.

I had two treatments, the second with their numbing cream which did practically nothing. I was literally jumping off the treatment table. Went for third treatment with a stronger numbing cream and couldn’t stand the pain. I immediately told the tech to STOP. I said the laser felt even stronger than before. She said they have to turn it up stronger with each treatment to effectively reach the hair follicle.

I later sent a letter from my doctor which directed me to immediately discontinue the treatments. Sent it certified mail. Ideal Image NEVER RESPONDED. They don’t care. Employees there are like Stepford Wives, friendly smiles and robotic responses. Once they get your money and your signature on their contract, they no longer care about you.

I then went to my bank, Wells Fargo, to file a chargeback. The WF rep had to call Ideal Image and direct them to answer my certified letter. Can you believe that? Wells Fargo couldn’t believe I received no call, email, or text… nothing. On Wells Fargo‘s directive, Ideal Image called that evening stating that my doctor’s letter was refused. They could only go by THEIR physicians opinion of my situation. Well, who do you think a doctor retained by Ideal Image is going to side with?

Wells Fargo would not give me a printed copy of the chargeback response, but suggested that I contact a TORT ATTORNEY, to make claims that are outside of the contract. Ideal Image did not tell me that each treatment would be stronger or how extremely painful the treatments are. They also did not tell me other things that I will hold for later. Anyone wanting to form a CLASS ACTION lawsuit against Ideal Image from any state with any issue, contact me at Thanks