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That exit point from Anthony bridge leading to Ikorodu road just by SHODEX Garden is one hell of a notorious dark spot. Sometime last year my wife had to be in Yaba as early as 6am and I opted to drive her down there. But before we left home, I remember I told her to go with just a simple bag with no major contents in it aside her money and fabric. Just like you, as I approached that spot and was trying to avoid the pot holes on the road, one motherfucker sprang out of the dark and swung the door open and tried wrestling the bag off my wife’s laps. As she screamed that someone was trying to steal her bag, in a matter of seconds, I was imagining what was going on cos I saw the door open and wondered how that was possible since I was sure I applied the central lock before leaving home.

1. After about 2 months on uber, i picked this hot babe at agungi, going to Maryland mall. 9pm. She was so excited, she would put the music to the loudest and was screaming loud… "i am enjoying the speed" while on 3rd mb… On getting to gbagada express, she started pressing her iPhone 6+. At Anthony exit now. Me i was still learning the roads then. Instead of me to use the 1st exit to enter ikorodu road and face Maryland… I missed it and was going down through the 2nd exit that leads to fadeyi/surulere. As we were descending, at abt 40km/h. One guy just appeared from nowhere opened the door (which was on automatic central lock) and started dragging the iPhone with the babe… She screemed and i look to my right and saw what was going on… The only option i had was to hit the gas pedal and speed up. Brethren! All i could hear was revving sound of the engine. Car wouldn’t sprint… As if the guy was holding the car and simultaneously dragging the phone… All these happened within 7-10 seconds. He went away with the phone…. Magical…. The story long. Police appeared, they searched around couldn’t find him. Na her boyfriend come pick her later…. How he opened that door still baffled me till date as other doors were still locked when we stopped to get down…. I reported to uber immediately, don’t know if they contacted her to pay for her 200k+ phone….

2. Was in a mad traffic at volks, ojo. Heading to family house to have the next day as rest day. AC on, windows up…. Very mad traffic that moves 5meters every 5mins. Around 10:40pm… I received a call or 2 sha with my newly imported phone. Oboy! Before i knew what’s up… I heard a loud smash on the glass, driver’s side. A gun on my head…. "gimme the phone, gimme the money"

Without hesitation i gave them the phone, i said i didn’t have money…. They left and attacked the car beside me immediately… In a confusion state, i rammed on the trailer in front of me…. The next day at the panel beater shop they found a big round brown stone under the driver’s seat. How it didn’t hit my head or leg when they smashed the car with it was the miracle…

We still install the MOST AFFORDABLE AND QUALITY TRACKERS YOU COULD FIND ANYWHERE, featuring Android/iOS tracking/demobilizing, sms tracking/demobilize, online tracking/demobilizing, daily mileage report (to know how many km your car runs each day), Vehicle history report (where your car had been between time X and Y) and many more features.

(1) Security: While anti-theft systems like push-buttons before car start, gear lock, pedal locks etc… are good, ONLY A TRACKING SYSTEM LIKE OURS ALLOWS YOU TO RECOVER (AND ALSO PROTECT) YOUR VEHICLE IF YOUR CAR IS HIJACKED FROM YOU WHILE DRIVING. Our trackers are both anti-theft and recovery in nature. e.g. You should shutdown your car before you sleep at night or park in a public space. Whenever you need to start the car, you enable it also.

(6) Other alarms (Over-speed Alarm, Ignition On Alarm, Low Battery Alarm ): Over-speed alarms notifies you via sms when your car goes beyond a particular speed. Ignition on notifies you WHENEVER your car is started. Low Battery Alarm lets you know when your car battery is low.

During one of our installs, the client shared with us how Mr Ayo (not his real name) borrowed his brothers car, and waylaid in the night somewhere in Lagos. Unknown to the thieves, the car had a tracker in it. That same night they tracked the vehicle to a military baracks (apparenntly the thieves had accomplices with military connections). They went with the police and they were able to recover the car (THE DEMOBILIZE FUNCTION OF THE TRACKER WAS USED TO ENSURE THE CAR DID NOT MOVE UNTIL THEY GOT TO THAT LOCATION)…

Mr Bayo was bout entering his car in the night somewhere in Lagos when he was attacked. He immediately used his phone to demobilize the car some minutes after they had zoomed away with the car. The thieves ran away when they discovered the car wasn’t strating again. The car was tracked to Ajah. Apparently the thieves ran away in fear with the keys of the car