If you could redesign the human body, what would you do electricity nightcore lyrics


Give men a clitoris. You knew that was coming. Ahem. Don’t know where you’d put it, like. Armpit? Heck, even putting the original somewhere more useful would be a good idea. Maybe do something with the testicles. Oh, I appreciate they’re outside for a reason gas number density, to keep them cool, but there’s no way God was thinking clearly when He came up with something that causes untold agony when you roll over awkwardly when you’re asleep. But if you were to choose just ONE thing on a mission to redesign the human body, what would that one thing be? I do admit now electricity distribution costs that a lot of these are genital based. Standardised penis size, for example. One sizes fits all – now all you have to worry about is the personality! I’m a genius, I really am…

Should I just get all the genitals ones out of the way? What about different coloured wangs depending on if you’ve ever had a… erm, ‘intimate disease’? Like it or lump it, a lot of women in the UK get their boyfriends tested before sex. But grade 6 electricity unit plan if you’re doodle is a colour indicating a certain disease, or multicoloured, you know he’s a twat and should be avoided. Saves money AND rewards loyalty! I’m not sure about women. Maybe a coloured dot or something. I’ll have a think.

Bluetooth built in? No more migraines! INTERCHANGEABLE BODY PARTS! What? No! Get your head out of the toilet. No more nose hairs! Eradicate inwardly pointing eyelashes gas vs electric oven cost – have you ever plucked an eyelash? I did. Bled for a solid 20 minutes. An internal alarm clock would be nice. As would being able to turn off our senses. And as for hiccups? May they burn in hell…

Self-tanning skin? Redesign the mouth to make it impossible to bite one’s cheek, tongue or lip. Gosh darn it. Invulnerability to ice cream headaches? Yummy. Capable of surviving great barometric pressures. No more acne! Think of the women who would be… slightly less repulsed by me. But speaking of women – pregnancy isn’t fair, is it? That hurts, apparently. Maybe they could lay eggs instead. Like chickens. Or koalas.

Heck, let’s make fertility a switch – on or off. Mostly off. Gills? Bit cliché. Ooh! A self-cleaning bottom! Inbuilt WiFi! Your password could be a dance. I’d opt for the Charleston. Anti-dickmunch centre in the brain? Makes it impossible to be a dick. No more racism us electricity supply voltage, sexism – any ‘ism’, in fact. An extra heart? That would be handy. Saliva that cleans the teeth? Ooh! A vibrating pen- never mind…

Regenerative organs? Stop being rude. Tears that act like a facial scrub h gas l gas brennwert? That would be great for me. I’m always crying. Sniff. SHARK TEETH! They fall out, they always grow back. Heck, the ability to regrow anything. Nails… limbs. Better knees! Invulnerability to bad hair? The ability to tune out any noise? Eradicate male nipples! X-RAY VISION! For… reasons.

The ability to fall asleep at will – ooh, no more anger! Or dandruff. Onboard diagnostic system – ban the unibrow! Vomit ambergris! What? At least it’s useful. We could come with a warranty. Or sneeze… ketchup! What about boobs? No, not that. They hurt women’s backs. My solution is a second set of boobs on a woman’s back to balance her out. Not gas unlimited sugar land tx a pervy reason, a real attempt to solve a problem…

No more allergies! Or body hair. Air conditioning for the crotch – women have no idea how painful it is peeling certain things off other things for men on hot summer days. Bah. Farts that smell of vanilla! A tongue that changes colour based on mood. Bioluminescence! Handy night light instead of a torch electricity magnetism. I’m not sure what torch shaped part of the body we could light up to serve as a torch substitute. Any ideas?

A self-adjusting metabolism. USB ports! The ability for one’s tickle reflex to give the abuser an electric shock. It would be swell not to be tired when I wake up. Regenerative eyes? NIGHT VISION! Longevity and a better immune system. Eradicate male pattern baldness! WOLVERINE CLAWS! A built-in vending machine? Not sure where it comes out, though. What about moving the waste disposal centre far away from the amusement park?

Pixelated genitals? You electricity invented timeline know, if your pants fall down in public, it would be quite handy. Skin that can’t be cut by paper? Pee that finishes – I’m sick of additional drops. Zoom vision! Built in pockets? What about solar powered ears? The ability to record a dream would be nice. Hands free phone somewhere? Press your temple to answer a call! Ooh… make the funny bone ‘funny’ – I dunno, make it tell a joke electricity lesson plans year 6. BANG! OH, NO! MY FUNNY BONE! “So, a dyslexic man walks into a bra…”

Precision hair control? That would be gnarly. What about a transmitter in the brain that kills electricity joules all nasty insects and spiders within a 30 yard radius? We don’t need the bees. The bees can piss off. Let’s put them all in our old bonnets. Nah, you know what? I knew my answer from moment one. And no, it does not involve bacon. Or hot pants. Sort of.

If I could redesign the human body, the one change I would make would be… a heated bottom. No, hear me out. So, we have about 10 months of brutal winter here in Northern England and I think all fellow northerners would agree that there is nothing worse electricity 24 hours than waking up at six in the morning for work when it’s minus a bazillion outside and the house is freezing cold and your first port of call is the toilet for your morning dump and… OH, GOD! IT’S SO COLD! THE TOILET SEAT! WHY IS IT SO COLD! Well, with a heated bottom, it would no longer be a problem.