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William Devon Jones started in the construction/electrical industry at the age of 18 in 1997. He became a contractor in 2002 as a sole proprietor. His duties at the Company include: controlling daily operations for over 20 telecom engineers; hiring all staff and monitoring safe working conditions; controlling cash flow and budget planning; and negotiating new contracts. He was instrumental in helping the Company obtain Small Business certification and Disadvantage Business Enterprise certification. He was the CEO of Connect One Communications, a telecom provider, from June 2002 to November 2006. As CEO, he performed and created all sales and marketing strategies, estimated costs for new projects, designed and installed video, audio and network solutions, managed and hired sub contractors, and controlled all accounts receivable. He has a variety of electrical services certifications. He is active in the community, serving as the founder and president of a national AAU basketball club (the Yellow Jackets).

Philip Kirkland started in the construction/electrical industry in 1985. His duties at the Company include: managing cash flow aspects, and all projections of accounts receivable and payable; processing all payroll for employees and staff; helping to prepare bids; and supervising all human resource issues. He established Kidd Conduit, Inc. a leading temperature control company, in 1996, where he prepared all bids, coordinated with all trades to complete all related tasks, handled all accounting related duties, and handled all aspects of construction contracting. He has a variety of electrical services certifications including an electrical contractor’s license, and has relationships with persons at global companies, such as Siemens, Honeywell, and Trane. Philip was a Journeyman Electrician, and handled all responsibilities in implementing the electrical installation of various projects throughout Northern California.

Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. has years of real-time, practical experience dealing with the service and maintenance of multiple systems used with “intelligent” LED lighting, Solar and transportation systems. The company uses proven technology to develop strategies and solutions for today’s complex energy savings opportunities.

LED Lighting Systems – The LED lighting system can resulted in substantial energy reduction of up to 80% while running at a low temperature of approximately 80 degrees. Saving HVAC cost and maintenance expense. http://www.intelligenthighwaysolutions.com/led-lighting/

Solar Energy – According to the World Economic Forum, solar power is now cheaper than fossil fuels for new energy. Renewable energy has reached a tipping-point of sorts—massive investment, falling installation costs, and advancing tech is beginning to reap dividends. With its partners offer turn-key solar system for commercial and industrial applications including: roof mounted, ground mounted and carport installations. http://www.intelligenthighwaysolutions.com/solar-energy/

Intelligent Building Solutions – An intelligent controls system often yields significant reductions in operations and maintenanceas well as energy consumption. An intelligent control systems can control, monitor, and optimize building services, such as, , HVACand electrical plug-loads. http://www.intelligenthighwaysolutions.com/in…-controls/

System Maintenance – Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. began in 2011 as a services contractor that provided services and maintenance services which included. but not limited to: labor, materials, project management and tools for corrective and preventive maintenance for transportation districts in California http://www.intelligenthighwaysolutions.com/se…intenance/

IHSI wholly owned subsidiary, Cresent Construction, Inc. is a general contractor located in Concord, NC. For over 32 years Cresent Construction has been instrumental in building relationships that have provided numerous construction clients exceptional service. We have been fortunate to work with numerous new construction, and additions to many facilities. Cresent Construction has always maintained the philosophy to provide quality projects in a timely manner. Our principles are directed to the Owner’s concerns before and after the construction process.

We take great pride in working closely with architects and building committees. Our goals have remained consistent for years. We build quality projects for our clients and provide excellent customer service by committing ourselves to each client. Our management does everything within it’s power to ensure when the project is complete, the client feels they have been treated with respect and would welcome the opportunity to work with us again.