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The Illinois State Board of Education ( 217-557-6763) expects all of its certified teachers to complete a state-approved teacher preparation program and have at least a bachelor’s degree. Explore this list of state-approved educator preparation programs in Illinois. While the minimum degree requirement for Illinois teachers is a bachelor’s degree, some of these programs are at the graduate level.

If you graduated from an out-of-state teacher preparation program, the Illinois Department of Education will recognize the validity of that program if it has been approved by that state’s Department of Education, or if it leads to a teaching certificate or license in that state.

Prospective teachers who graduated from a foreign college or university must have their foreign education credentials evaluated and converted to fit the American credits/courses standard. You can request an evaluation from one of these approved credential evaluation agencies, and send their report to the Illinois Department of Education for final review. Certification Options

A Provisional Certificate may be issued if you do not meet all of the requirements for an Initial Certificate. This certificate is valid for two years, during which time you are expected to fulfill the prerequisites for an Initial Certificate. Examinations

Every teacher in Illinois must pass a basic skills examination. Illinois uses the ICTS Basic Skills Exam to test reading comprehension, mathematics, and writing and grammar. You must receive a scaled score of 240 on each subtest to pass the Basic Skills Exam.

Your Illinois state-approved teacher preparation program will include a period of time spent student teaching. You will be placed in a classroom in a public or private school that aligns with the grade level and/or content area you plan to teach. Depending upon your program, the length of your field experience will vary.

This experience component will involve being observed by a mentor teacher for a certain number of hours, and assessed on your performance. You will be expected to participate in lesson planning and in the implementation of those lessons in the classroom. Document and Application Requirements

Once you have fulfilled all of the educational, experience and examination requirements for teacher certification in Illinois, you are ready to apply for your Initial Certificate. Complete the Application for Teaching Certificate form and submit it, along with the supporting documents listed below, to Illinois State Board of Education, Educator Certification Division, 100 North First Street, S-306, Springfield, Illinois 62777-0001:

Once you receive your teaching certificate, it must be registered with an Illinois regional superintendent of schools. This is done through the administrative office when you secure a teaching position within an Illinois school system. If your certificate is not registered for six months or more, it will lapse and need to be reinstated. Criminal History Background Check

A criminal history background check is not required for initial Illinois teacher certification. If you answer, “yes” to certain questions on the application form, the specified issues will be investigated. You should be able to obtain an Illinois teaching certificate unless you have been convicted of first degree murder, attempted first degree murder, certain narcotics and sex offenses, or a Class X felony. If you have tax problems, student loan defaults, child abuse/neglect charges against you or have failed to pay child support, you must submit additional documentation along with your certification application, listed here.

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