Impact if dutch had a real navy in die 1942 alternate history discussion gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016


Early half gas pains or contractions of the thirties the way of defending the airspace of the Dutch east indies was thought to be with a single engine aircraft. Fokker was asked to build a prototype after specifications. The result was the DXXI. The result was disappointing, it was a typical Fokker design, metal tube frame, covered with linen and around the cockpit metal sheets and a wooden wing and fixed landing gear. Never the less it proved to be a rugged plane, easy in flight and maintenance and above all gas number, cheep to produce. Most of the plane were to be build in a assembly line on Java. Initial a small order was made but followed soon others orders and several improved versions. All was electricity invented during the industrial revolution related to heavier engines or different armament configurations.

The Fokker G1 was a private enterprise of the Fokker company according to specifications of the French armed forces. Despite a sensational entrance on the Paris aviation show the French did not showed interest. The Belgians however were looking for a light bomber and reconnaissance plane, with possibility to use it as a heavy fighter, in order to modernize and expand their fleet of Fairley Foxes.

Click to expand…The figures for the electricity vs gas heating costs vessels are based on an actual fleet plan of 1922, added with the 3 cruisers started pre WW1, which were part of a much larger Battleship fleetplan ( canceled due to the outbreak of WW1). In OTL the cruisers were finished after several years of delay and the third was cancelled due to political reasons. Again reasons which were motivated by utopian pacifist ideas and electricity electricity lyrics an atitude that other nations should protect Dutch colonial interest!? As said, utterly out of the world motivations, unfortunatly a very real attitude at that time by large part of the population and politicians.

Since there is a mayor event for electricity for beginners the Netherlands in 1918. I consider that this have huge implicatioons in the political spectrum for the next decades. There for it is plausible that the financial and econimal policies of the thirties are different as in OTL. Since the financial and economic policies of the Netherlands in OTL were alomst the worst gas in michigan policy econimics could think of, it is likely that any other policy will result in a better financial and economical climate, not at least a better standard of living for the polulation.

Aircraft carriers were expensive to maintain and untested in war. Battle cruisers or cruisers killers were as in planned were verey nice gas house edwards co designs wich would fit their purpose perfectly. However the design was finished in 1939 this will leave 3-4 years of construction. If they would be on time the design should be finished early 1935. It would help if the designers had technical support of the French, with a design based on the Dunkirks or if the base of the design was the Deutschlands. Since the Netherlands were invaded by Germany litle more over a decade ago, I wonder if the army and navy electricity transmission vs distribution was still focued on German hardware as in OTL. Much change it was more focused on UK, France and Sweden for armament and ship design and may be more relying on own design and manufacturing.