Implications of a nazi a-bomb alternate history discussion electricity generation in usa


Let’s say that in 1936 the Nazis start their program for a fission weapon based hp gas online booking phone number on the uranium path and get it done by mid-1943, having two bombs like the Fat Man by June/July. They have the capacity to make 10 by mid-1944 and somewhat more thereafter. They have no V-weapons program (no 1, 2, or 3) because all of the resources are plowed into the A-bomb (IOTL the Germans spent more on the V-weapons that c gastritis der antrumschleimhaut the US did on the Manhattan Project). Let’s also say for the sake of argument that they have a few functional enough He177’s with the ability to carry it within a 400 mile radius from their base, putting Moscow and London in range, at night to survive the air defenses of the Allies.

What are the implications of this? Would it be enough to prompt a move to chemical or biological weapons by the Allies or Soviets? Would it make the peace that much harsher? A 20kt A-bomb is not enough to win the war gas hydrates, though it would cause all sorts of problems for the Allies. AFAIK it was considered just a better bomb rather than a WMD in the category of a chemical or biological weapon attack gas density problems, but would that remain when the fallout effects start to crop up? Does it have any effect on how combat operations on the ground are conducted out of potential fear of a tactical usage of the bomb?

I should note also that starting in 1936 requires the Germans to start their bomb project before human-induced nuclear fission is demonstrated to be anything more then a theoretical possibility, which c gastronomie plateaux repas does not occur until December 1938 and is not realized to have occurred for another month. Until that happens, you might as well be asking the Nazis to invest in developing an Alcubierre warp drive.

Also, the Germans lack a bomber to carry it. The bomb bay on the He-177 does not have the correct dimensions to properly take on a Little Boy or Fat Man-style weapon gas works park. In fact, it also does not have the payload required for it. You need an aircraft with a much higher payload than 10,000lbs to carry a single 10,000lb bomb. The Enola Gay (nominal payload 20,000lbs) was badly overweight with Little Boy gas youtube on board, to the point that takeoff was a considerable challenge. The raw payload capacity of the aircraft is only one piece of whether it can carry a single, very large bomb. The single bomb can’t be cut up, which means it has to fit on both a volume and mass basis in one spot. Volume is obvious, but aircraft loading is also very specifically engineered. This is why the distributed load the He-177 can carry externally is greater than its internal maximum load – and it’s not carrying both at the same time. The difference between an empty fully-loaded what is electricity He-177 is only around 10,000kg, and that includes the gas and crew. It cannot carry 13,200kg of bombs alone.

The He-177 la t gastrobar opiniones has no single weapon configuration to its bomb bay, was never intended to carry a single 10,000lb weapon (no such thing in the German arsenal) and has both a narrower fuselage (like by ~50%) and a much smaller bomb bay than the B-29. Little Boy won’t fit given the historical issues and a Fat Man design probably wouldn’t even fit inside the fuselage (bomb has a diameter of five feet). Going on pictures, you can’t put a nuke underneath the He-177 either (ground clearance is too poor and drag hp gas online booking would be ludicrous). Trying to mount 10,000lbs on a wing would snap it right off, as it is more than 3x what the He-177 could actually carry on a wing pylon.