Importance of program and project management strategy and management services, inc. gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator

Program management and project management both involve similar skill sets, but they are very different roles. Programs are much larger and more complex than projects; it’s easiest to think of a program as consisting of many separate projects. Though the core management tools are the same, program managers often need to have a broader scope and need to take into account the bigger picture. Meanwhile, project managers have to have complete control over the finer details of their own initiatives. The Core Competencies of a Program Manager

A program manager needs to have a vision for their projects, and their projects must work together in order to achieve this vision. Because of this, they have to be able to individually manage these projects and ensure that they come in under budget and at the appropriate deadlines. This often requires broader scale management and a complete understanding of how these projects work. Program managers need to have the experience and insight to identify potential roadblocks before they occur, and they need to have exceptional personnel management skills. Communication is absolutely critical for a good program manager. The Core Competencies of a Project Manager

Though a project manager is working at a smaller scale, that does not make their work any less intense or important. A project manager must fine-tune their own project. Depending on the company, they may have limited knowledge regarding where their project fits into the company’s complete strategy. In some companies, however, they may have a very solid picture of how their project is integrated into the company as a whole. Either way, the project manager’s goal is to complete their final deliverable to desired specifications, whether it be a product or a service. Because of this, the project manager’s end result is narrower in scope. Integrating Program Management and Project Management

Both program management and project management have to be coordinated through a centralized system if they are to be effective at all. Program managers need to have continued updates regarding their projects if they are to make informed decisions. Project managers need to have a thorough understanding of what the program managers need from them and when they need to be delivered. Many organizations find themselves needing to integrate program management into their organization after their projects become unwieldy. This requires a careful adjustment of protocols, to ensure that the program manager is able to communicate and work effectively with existing project managers without potentially alienating them.

Both project management and program management are absolutely essential to a well-run enterprise. As companies become more complex and take on new initiatives, it becomes increasingly important to manage productivity and efficiency on every level. Strategy and Management Services, Inc. provides complete resource management solutions, so companies can focus on delivering their projects rather than allocating resources to management. Contact SAMS today to learn more about the essentials of strategy.