Important fun series test friday night – page 2 tropico 5 electricity

The problem is, I don’t know which are the skins to unload (or quarantine, which is the better way if you can). I simply unRARed the files into the main folder as they were added to the "must do" list, and it didn’t occur to me to write down the car numbers of the original group, as I was not anticipating this problem.

I will also note I did see a couple of liveries during the race in all their glory (NOT as monochrome cars). Not clear to me how that is working, as there should be a base skin for those cars too which I should have to delete (I would think) before seeing those addons. Except I didn’t.

I’m tired…it was a fun race, particularly chasing you, Jason, and I’m certainly glad you chose to stop. I was able to catch up to you, even on my full tanks about three or four times…but getting past you was an entirely different problem, and I was struggling with the "how do I do it" part right up the the moment you dove into pitlane.

Looked like I was getting out of some corners quite a bit better. My car lacks a bit in straight line power as indicated in practice night before last when Angelo was pacing 2 seconds or so slower than me, but I could never find anywhere to try to go by him. Even when I’d get a really nice exit somewhere, the most I could do is get the nose up to his rear bumper and then he’d pull away slightly on the straight, then we’d repeat that process again and again. I spent nearly an hour trying to figure how I was going to overtake anything and came up blank. And that was with the boost maxed out, which I didn’t do in the race because it causes engine damage (not that 90% is much less, and that is what I ran all race)

I never expected the tires to last that long for anyone. Figured everyone was going to realize they needed to pit and I’d be a half step ahead in being prepared for it. Apparently, my recon race a few weeks ago in these things at Riverside failed me…lol

Was making quite a bit of headway near the end, even stuck behind Angelo (whom let me by a time or two since my pace was much quicker on newer rubbers…but each time he’d do that I’d screw up and be back behind him again Sorry Angelo…don’t you just love when you allow someone by and then they bang a wall 200 yards up the track and you have to take counter measures not to get tangled up in it?…lol lol)

There were definitely a couple places I was vulnerable and there was probably potential for overtaking, but I wasn’t going to give it up without a fight had it played out that way. Was firmly decided in my mind, basically from the start, that if one was to get by me that one was basically going to have to shove me out of the way or make one heck of a move. Small course, blocking not really necessary when there is simply no room when I just centered the car and kept it tucked at apexes.

Had a blast in those final 20 minutes or so with Angelo, trying to retake P2. Even got to give a few love taps in some of the slower corners (not completely intentional mostly…hehe) as I was, at that point, trying anything to foul him up a bit. …can’t be done, Angelo is a pro, he drives with a guy filling his mirrors like he drives alone on track, like nothing is even there. Impossible to make him nervous, so….in a car like this, on a track like this, only other idea I had…push him until he cracks……still didn’t work

I only finally got by because Angelo is a gentleman and says he bumped me and allowed me to go by. I don’t remember that bump, nor was I concerned about it…it is a street course, some bumping may occur But thanks anyways! (Now I gotta feel like I owe you one, huh? I see, I see….now I understand why all this courtesy )