In a display of democratic fraud, nancy pelosi says impeaching donald trump ‘is not worth it’ – washington times gas oil ratio formula


Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept made this observation on Twitter: “Anyone who has electricity electricity lyrics ever believed Trump is controlled blackmailed by Putin to the point that Putin makes Trump treasonously sacrifice America’s interests for Russia’s — and there are a lot of you — should be marching in fury in the streets over Pelosi’s refusal to impeach Trump.”

But this isn’t the only example of the fraud perpetrated by the Democrats on their own base and y gasset this country. Recently, Hillary Clinton noted that she was not going to run for president again in 2020. This on the heels of 2016 supporters telling her to not run. A CNN panel in early March, comprised of 2016 Hillary voters, made it clear her supporters want her gone.

Host Alisyn Camerota asked if Mrs. Clinton had a role in 2020. “No,” answered one male immediately. Another woman said, “No, stay away.” And another was empathic, “Look, I love was electricity invented during the industrial revolution you, Hillary — I love you, I love you, but stay away. We are so divided right now that anything that has Hillary on it is automatically going to separate us again.” Another piped up with: “I just think her time is done. I think it’s been — it’s done. We do need something new.”

The answer to this is the same as Mrs. Pelosi’s decisions: The Democratic grass-roots have known all along the accusations against Mr. Trump have been a fraud. The 2016 election was electricity for beginners fair. Mrs. Clinton did not lose because it was stolen; she lost because she took people and things for granted, didn’t go to Wisconsin and arrogantly wrote off blue states as guaranteed. In other words, Hillary lost because she was Hillary. And they know it.

Despite gas pains or contractions his eventual confirmation to the high court, Sens. Kamala D. Harris and Cory Booker, two of those prominently leading Democrats who attempted virtual character assassination, who strutted and preened on television with their furrowed brows during the persecution, aren’t demanding that Justice Kavanaugh gas house edwards co be removed; they aren’t out there organizing rallies to protest the horrible man who has been put on the Supreme Court.

In assessing these politicians, the American people have two options: National Democrats are either the most electricity vs gas heating costs incompetent leaders in the history of the country, losing interest and walking away from two evil, corrupt men who hold incredible positions of power. Or the more obvious choice: All these accusations against Mr. Trump and Justice Kavanaugh (like those against the Covington Catholic High School kids and actor Jussie Smollett’s imagined “MAGA Country gas in michigan” attackers) were false from the start, revealing a political and media elite that see the nation as a horse to ride and abuse until it drops and dies.

Those issues, however, are not forgotten by the American people. Neither is anti-Semitism. The American family is driven by a much longer-term outlook, which includes being concerned about what kind of country our children will be inheriting. Since at least January, the Democrats have had the very bad luck of being seen for what they are, and electricity transmission vs distribution it is not what the American people imagine, or want, for their future.