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There can always be things, that lead to changes in our scheduled and that sort of thing, but we are very much interested into going into Ravenloft, at the very least it will be brought up in a producer’s letter, that we are working on it currently

We have plans to fix all handwraps in the entirety of DDO by making them behave more like all other weapons in the game do. It is because handwraps are considered special and different that there have been so many bugs in the past. It’s unfortunate that it’s a great deal of work to fix, but it is a large fix across many items and systems (so it takes time no matter what, and extra time to make sure we get it right since it’s complicated). Once we do that, we can make new handwraps and handwrap abilities the same as other items and combat styles, instead of having to make special cases for them each time. Then those items will be faster to make and with greatly reduced chance of having bugs (or, at least, the bugs won’t just be for handwraps!)

First up in Update 24 is a new content pack, Heart of Madness. The plane of Xoriat is encroaching on Eberron once again and the result is three dungeons full of Xorian insanity. Both the Lord of Eyes and the Lord of Stone are back, as well as some other fan favorite characters. (Hint – one of the dungeons is named "Fashion Madness.") The centerpiece of the pack is "Terminal Delirium," the follow-up to two of our most popular dungeons. Once again you’ll be returning to the Sleeping Spell Inn, and once again you’ll be seeing—and be turned into—some very unusual things. Heart of Madness is CR 18 Heroic/26 Epic, and is a paid pack (450 Turbine Points; free to VIPs of course.)

Also coming in Update 24 is a Forgotten Realms dungeon themed to tie in with Wizards of the Coast’s Tyranny of Dragons storyline. You’ll infiltrate a Cult of the Dragon base while on the trail of the fabled White Dragon mask. "The Mask of Deception" is CR 16 Heroic/30 Epic, and is free to everyone.

Why the change? It’s tempting to blame it all on Xorian madness, but the truth is we’ve been listening to what excites you guys when it comes to D&D settings. We may still make it to Anauroch eventually, but don’t expect it any time soon. It’s a long, long walk from Cormyr. Instead of the blazing hot desert, we’re going someplace cooler instead.

So what kind of cool things led to the detour away from Anauroch? One of them will be coming in Update 25. Since The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar was received so well, we’ve decided to adapt another classic pen-and-paper module to DDO. Rather than blabbing on, I’ll skip right to the awesome part and give you five simple words:

Based on your and Player Council Feedback, here’s the changes we’re currently considering for Spellsinger enhancements. Note that this is in a slightly different format than some previous editions; the original version is listed for many enhancements with changes below in red.

NEW Sonic Blast SLA: Blasts an enemy with loud high-pitched sounds, dealing 1d2+2 sonic damage plus 1d2+2 sonic damage per 2 caster levels. (Maximum sonic damage 5d2+10.) The target must make a successful Will save to avoid be dazed for a short period of time, or until they take damage.

Enthrallment: Expend a Song to enthrall enemies. Enthralled enemies are mesmerized, with a chance of breaking free when damaged, and suffer a -2 penalty to attack rolls and Will saves for 24 seconds plus 6 seconds per bard level, even after being disrupted from their reverie. Negated on a Will save vs. Perform.

The Burst prefixes will come back. I’ve seen a lot of people asking for them. While they’re not as powerful as the "Flaming II" you could get instead of Flaming Burst, but they are very close and not everything needs to be exactly equal… it does help to have some variety.

• Meteoric (Can only be found in the highest level treasure) – 2% Chance On Hit: A falling star strikes your target, dealing 3 to 18 Fire Damage and 1 to 6 Bludgeoning Damage per Minimum Level of this item to all nearby enemies. Affected foes must also make a DC (20+Item Level) Reflex Saving Throw or be knocked prone.

The intention for this item is indeed to make it count for either item in the set bonuses- I think at one point I responded to a PM saying that I wanted to make it work as such. Because I’m considering revisiting some Epic items again soon, this one has the potential to make that list, but I’m trying to start with the Epics that are truly terrible first and work my way up. Check out my post in this thread to see some of what I’m planning: DDO Forums.

On the topic of more Epic quests, it isn’t that we don’t ever intend to do these again. Creating Epics takes more work than you might think and we’ve received a lot of feedback that the current version is not appealing enough to many of our players. Since we know the system is in flux, and we are currently focused on developing adventure packs which are playable for level 20 characters, we are not currently giving Epic a lot of focus. Our content this year is pretty much increasing in level as we go, so once we get the level 20 House Cannith content further underway, it will be time to start thinking about more Epics…