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Jul 13, 2016 — When he was 36, Paul Graham went to the hospital with a series of symptoms that eventually added up to celiac disease, an event that forever changed his life and the way he sees the world’s relationship to ever-present gluten.

Graham is an English professor at St. Electricity rate per kwh philippines Lawrence University in Canton. Electricity in costa rica current His book, “In Memory of Bread,” is a memoir about this tectonic shift in his life, but it’s also about the history of food, about science, about eating local, even about playing softball (a little bit).

Graham joined David Sommerstein and Martha Foley to talk about the book and about going gluten-free in a gluten-full world. Electricity and magnetism worksheets Conversation Highlights:

Paul Graham: The first 36 or so years of my life everything was sailing along just fine or seemed to be I guess. Electricity in the body symptoms My wife was baking a lot of bread, I was eating a lot of bread. Electricity song 2015 I was brewing beer with a friend. Electricity orlando And then I got really sick, and after about a month of antibiotics and tests and trips to the doctor, I was finally put in the hospital for a couple of days, where a GI [doctor] diagnosed me with celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disease. Electricity n and l And when you have celiac disease and you eat bread or you eat anything that’s got gluten in it, your body’s immune response attacks healthy tissue, and lays waste to your GI tract. Electricity out So, the only cure for it is to just stop eating bread, gluten.

DS: So the book is really about having to give up something that you love and seek an alternative path, and how you’re going to go forward – not only with your diet – but the way you think about everything around you.

PG: It really led me to question what that means historically, to give up a food that has been pretty much the central eating focus of Western history for the last, what, five, six, seven thousand years.

PG: It made me ask questions about why it’s happening, where it’s coming from. 1 unit electricity cost in bangalore It also made me ask myself, ok, well if I’m kicked out of one culinary tradition, wheat and barley and spelt and rye, and I can’t eat those things anymore, what tradition am I joining by eating substitutions?

DS: Paul, why did you feel like you needed to write this book after having that experience and contracting celiac disease and having this major change in your life.

PG: I had a couple of reasons. Electricity outage austin For sure, it was important to me to raise awareness about celiac disease through my own experience. Gas kinetic energy formula It is the most common autoimmune disorder in the world, and in the United States it affects about between one in 133 or one in 142 people depending on whose numbers you look at, and it’s also one of the most misdiagnosed or undiagnosed disorders. A level physics electricity equations About 80%, according to some measurements, some statistics, of the people who have celiac disease are either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Electricity worksheets for 4th grade That was the case with me. Gas out game instructions I was misdiagnosed with stomach infections and I was given all kinds of antibiotics, and I ended up in the hospital.

I also wanted to explore the culinary traditions that a person leaves behind when they forsake grainsBut I also wanted to explore the culinary traditions that a person leaves behind when they forsake grains. Gas density What do you fall out of, what do you join. Types of electricity I find it difficult to tell what you would call a straight-shot memoir, I’m always clustering things around it. Electricity merit badge pamphlet pdf So I wanted to write a little bit about history, I wanted to also parse and synthesize some of the science that’s out there on what might be causing this and what it all means, and I was able to do that through the book.

MF: Do people sort of challenge you on this? It’s trendy, there’s a whole gluten-free lifestyle thing, but celiac disease is serious. Electricity jeopardy So how do people react to that?

PG: Well, I guess I have an advantage because I got so sick so fast, and I got so much better so quickly that really, you can’t dispute that gluten was making me sick. Electricity static electricity Many people inside my circle of friends and my family, they were very supportive and I haven’t had anybody ask me, do I think it’s all in my head. Gas density units I sometimes myself still wonder like is this possible?

DS: There’s one thing that I think is really interesting in your book, and in your approach in dealing with this change in your life. Electricity explained You really explore what it’s like with the replacement for bread, and the replacement for gluten. Electricity png It’s kind of like how some vegetarians would eat tofu dogs as a replacement for hot dogs, rather than just going in a completely different direction and doing other things that don’t try to mimic what you left behind.

PG: Well, I think that it’s better to have a fake version sometimes of a food that is very familiar to us and very important to us, like bread, or like a tofu burger or something like that, than to go through the strangeness of having to develop a relationship with a food tradition or a set of foods that have no meaning to you whatsoever. Static electricity sound effect And that’s why that industry is really a booming industry, replacement foods. Hp gas kushaiguda Eventually, I did go in the direction of discovering different food traditions. Gas natural I learned to cook Thai, I’ve got Diane Kennedy’s great book about Mexican food at home, and I’m waiting for tomatoes and tomatillos to come in season so I can dive into that. Gas what i smoke And I think that is actually a more rewarding way to go, but I understand the replacements.